Bury Driving Instructor Graham Evans

What its really like on a lesson with Graham

An independent view of a Bury Driving Lesson


Driving lessons can come in many guises depending on the type of instructor you choose. There can be those who are quite military in style where everything is do as I say and there are some that are quite easy going. Which of these types of instructor is best for you, well that’s down to how you learn and what you personally want from your instructor. There really is nothing wrong with either style.

What we have done though is made ourselves open to critique and asked an independent “passenger” to sit in the back of one of our lessons and ask them to write about what they saw and there opinions on how our lessons are conducted.

“What Kathryn actually said A couple of weeks ago I sat with Graham Evans, owner of Get Driving Today.
We were discussing modern day driving and that he’s pretty much seen all that I could imagine (and more) on the roads
I’m always looking for new ways to write blogs from a different perspective……..” Read the full story here 

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