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If you have never driven before, relax you are in good hands. Most of those that have passed their driving tests with us had to start from exactly the place you are now, knowing very little about driving and a little nervous.
Our promise to you is, our experienced driving instructors conduct driving lessons in Bolton and Bury six days a week, so are fully capable of preparing you for a local driving test. Looking after you every step of the way, and never ask you to do something that they think is outside of your capabilities.

Please give us a call today on either 01204 265055 or 07772843239 to discuss those important first steps.

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Instead of a quick hit introductory offer, how would you like to get 10% discount (off our standard in-car hourly rate) for every lesson you take with us until you pass your driving test ?

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Our unique loyalty and referral scheme. Cashback off lessons to £20 Gift cards for referring people to us. You don’t even have to be learning to drive with us to benefit. 

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Tower FM's Jon Hollin attempts the new driving test.

We recently teamed up with Jon Hollin from the 107.4 Tower FM breakfast show, to see if he could pass the new driving test . Did he pass ?

Video of the Week

Graham tells you all about our after test driving course “Going Solo” which as he says knocks the spots off the Pass Plus

What people say

  • James Inman

    James Inman

    Today I passed my driving test with Graham from Get Driving Today after a few months' driving. This was never going to be an easy one - I've got quite severe dyspraxia and have suffered with anxiety, plus had some life problems in the mix... The first time I met Graham I told him I couldn't drive. I'd had a few instructors a good few years ago who'd told me it was a lost cause and really believed it myself. Graham said "huh, you haven't been out to drive with me, it's not neccessarily a barrier" and one thing led to another and we were sat in a car together with me in the driving seat............ Read James' full story here

    James Inman
  • Elisha O'Hare

    Elisha O'Hare

    Passed my test yesterday first time - woohoo! Can't thank graham enough for all his help throughout all of my driving lessons & for always being so flexible. Graham puts 110% in to his job and it's clear to see how much he enjoys teaching us all how to drive, even us that rant a lot 🙂 Thank you so much for all your help & support - you are a legend!! - would highly recommend 🙂 Elisha x


    Elisha O'Hare
  • Lucy Reilly (Bury)

    Lucy Reilly (Bury)

    Today i passed my driving test with Graham from Get Driving Today, who is honestly the most helpful man i have ever come across he helped me through some great barriers with not only my driving but my anxiety he let me see the positives with driving rather then the negatives, Graham is extremely patient and is a great teacher who adapts his approach the individual, he puts 110% into his students and i honestly wouldn't of passed without him so thank you Graham and i will 100% recommend you to anyone!!
    Lucy Reilly
  • Joshua Osinski

    Joshua Osinski

    Graham has always stuck by me even when I couldn't stick by myself during learning to drive, it took a couple of times. More than I care to admit to be honest, but graham supported me so much he even took me for tests without charging me for anything but the test itself. He has argued with examiners over my tests, and made me a more confident and better person. He has taught me from the very beginning, we've had laughs, even some tears, but In the end I passed my test. If it wasn't for him I would of given up months before my tests. But he told me to stick by it, he supported me and got me through everything. I couldn't of asked for a better instructor, he's done everything he possibly can to get me driving and I couldn't thank him enough.

    Joshua Osinski
    Cheetham Hill
    Josh Osinski

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