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“The High Anxiety Specialists”


If we could reduce the cost of learning to drive, would that interest you ?


  • We will give you 10% discount off every driving lesson you pay for in advance (There is no limit).
  • Self study between lessons is guaranteed to reduce the number of actual driving lessons you take. Thats why we give a FREE VIDEO DRIVING COURSE when you start learning to drive with Get Driving Today.
  • You also get FREE theory test training. We give you FULL UNLIMITED access to Theory Test Pro, which has everything you need to study for your driving theory test.


Why not try us out ! If you are unhappy after your first lesson we will give you a full refund.

To book your driving lessons in Farnworth, Little Lever, or anywhere else in Bury or Bolton, email us on getdriving@getdrivingtoday.co.uk ,or fill in the form on our Contact page,  give us a call on (01204) 265055 or 07772 843 239.  BOOK IN TODAY



  • We are experts in teaching all standards of driver. New drivers fall in to three main categories.

    Never Driven before. Our instructors have many years experience in teaching people to drive from scratch. We understand that you know very little about driving, so will start from the very begining, and introduce you to new skills and situations at a pace that suits you.

    Test Rescue. Some people come to us having failed either one or more driving tests, and need a new set of eyes on their driving. Its not necesseraly another instructors fault, but maybe you need to see things from a different angle to help you get over that final hurdle and pass your driving test.

    Partly Trained. Others have had driving lessons previously in their life, may be just a couple of months or sometimes many years ago and have had to stop for whatever reason.

    Trust us to help you pass your driving test, whatever your standard we can help.

  • Do you want a change of career ? Maybe thought of becoming a driving instructor covering Bury and Bolton ? We are proud to be able to offer complete training packages, to help you become a fully qualified driving instructor. Once qualified we would be more than happy to welcome you into the Get Driving Today family. 

    Why not give us a call 01204 265055 and see how soon you could start with us.

  • Bury DRiving School High Anxiety Specialists

    Anxiety about driving is not uncommon, and I can assure you, you will not be the first person to be anxious about starting to learn to drive. However having some form of severe anxiety in other parts of your life will quite obviously be part of your driving life. 

    Now the last thing you want to here from your instructor is “get over it” or “its fine” because in your head it won’t be fine and you won’t get over it. This is why at “Get Driving Today” we will teach you methods and coping strategies to help you manage the anxiety, as experience tells us the anxiety will not just go away because someone tells us to “get over it”. 

    We treat each and every customer as an individual and will teach you to drive in a way that you learn, which is far different than you having to learn how your instructor teaches. Lets make sense of that last statement, If you are struggling with a particular subject it is not your job to do it like your instructor said do it. Its your instructors job to get you to do it in way that suits you……..

    Why not give us us a call today on either 01204 265055 or 07772843239 to discuss how to get your driving back on track. You can see details of all our packages here.

HIGH ANXIETY SPECIALISTSJames after passing his driving test in Bury

Are you thinking your anxiety will stop you being a safe driver ? 

Let our experienced driving instructors take you step by step through every stage of learning to drive at a pace and learning style that suits you.



If you still don’t quite believe we can help you, book an initial lesson, if for any reason you are not happy we will give you your money back.


Donna passed her driving test in BuryDONNA’S STORY.

My life has now changed. I can’t thank Graham and the team enough. I have passed. I met Graham for the first time a car park whilst going shopping. I was 38 years old and never wanted to learn how to drive ( or pretended I didn’t simply because I did not want to fail at something). I had never seen Graham before that day but I approached him with the challenge of his life “Could you teach me to drive?”…challenge accepted. I don’t know why I felt Graham would be the one to help me but he was just such a warm welcoming person who put me at ease. Then I started lessons with him. He is the most supportive, genuine person I have ever met. I made the best choice in asking Graham to guide me through something that would be life changing and mean so much to me. The best decision I have ever made. Looking back on my lessons I can’t believe how much Graham has not only made me a confident driver, he has changed my perspective on many areas of my life and how to deal with stressful situations in and out of the car. I was so anxious as life with my family hit an all time low. Graham’s driving lesson became my therapy sessions. Time for me! READ THE FULL STORY HERE


Made in Bury Business award logo - presented to Get Driving Today in 2017WE ARE RECRUITING

Fully Qualified driving instructors Call us 01204 265055 to discuss our package.

Or maybe you want a change of career? You could  train to be a driving instructor.

All of our training is done by Graham (A Grade driving instructor). With over 10 years of local experience.

Further details of our training package 

  • Bury Driving Instructor Graham EvansAs one of Bury & Bolton’s most recognised driving schools, we know exactly what it takes to give your independence on the roads. We know that every learner driver picks up new skills at different speeds, which is why we tailor each and every lesson around your current ability levels.

    It’s this personal approach which has given Get Driving Today one of the area’s highest first time pass rates, which is massively higher than the national rate of just 21%.

    Our friendly and professional driving instructors all know that getting behind the wheel can be initially daunting, so we make special efforts to help nervous new driver relax with patience, encouragement and years of experience in guiding other pupils through their tests.

    Ultimately, we want you to grow in confidence with each driving lesson and for you to become a safe, independent and responsible road user.

    With this in mind, we also have a unique ‘Keep The Keys’ scheme, where we will give you a free one hour assessment for each year of your probationary period after passing your test with us. This helps to keep bad habits from creeping into your driving style, and of course, to help prevent you picking up points on your license.

    We pride ourselves on the quality of our driving lessons, and want you to enjoy your time with us, as we firmly believe that learning to drive should be fun without compromising on the calibre of teaching which has become our trademark.

    Of course, to make sure that you are given the highest standard training possible, all of our driving instructors are fully ADI qualified with the DVSA, as well CRB/DBS certified.

    In order to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible, all of our cars are modern dual control vehicles, with air conditioning and power steering. We also know the streets of Bolton like the back of our hands, and can pick you up and drop you off at the location of your choice, whether you’re at home, work or college. 

    Learning to drive is about so much more than getting your hands on a driving license. It frees you from having to rely on public transport, taxis or lifts from friends and family, and gives you the freedom to travel, explore and get from A to B as you choose.

    To book your driving lessons in Farnworth, Little Lever, or anywhere else in Bury or Bolton, email us on getdriving@getdrivingtoday.co.uk, fill in the form on our Contact page, or give us a call on (01204) 265055 or 07772 843 239.