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Graham owner of GDT

Graham Evans (Owner GDT)

Choosing the right driving school can in someways be like finding a needle in a haystack. You will  undoubtedly have a whole range of questions you want answering before parting with your hard earned cash to a stranger, for example ?

1: Are they any good ? Well thats where you may have to do some research first. Anybody can tell you they are good, but are they really? The best way to find out has to be recommendations from other people or to look if they have had any reviews from previous customers. Obviously any one can create a review so they should be verified and if possible contactable.

Although the instructors pass rate is important, this can be a a bit of an ambiguous question as every one knows there are lies, more lies, and statistics. It really is easy to fiddle the figures to suit the situation.

2: How will I learn ? – Thats simple to answer choose us and we will teach you how YOU learn and not how we teach ? Everybody has their own learning style and it is our job to find out what yours is. If you arent taught how YOU learn, then you are likely to find it difficult and much more expensive.

3: How long will it take to pass my driving test ? – How long is a piece of string ? Learning to drive is a practical skill, and cannot be related to school and college A levels and GCSE’s (Do they still exist). eg We dont start in September and take the exam some 8 months later. The whole process takes, what it takes.  You can Google the question which will advise that for a brand new driver this will take around 45 hrs of professional training along with a further 20 odd of private practice.  However as I said earlier it takes what it takes, if we can get you their in less WE WILL. My promise to you is we will get you to test standard in as few hours as we possibly can. 


So why Choose GDT

1: We have a fantastic line of recommendations in fact 80% of our diary is filled with people who have been recommended to us from previous successful clients. If you visit our home page, at the bottom you will also see a large list of verified recommendations.

2: We will help you with every single aspect of getting on the road, in a way that no other driving school I know of will, we will help you.

  • Help you apply for your licence 
  • Give you online study for the theory test
  • We will book your theory test for you
  • When you are ready we will book your practical test for you 
  • When you pass you will be offered our unique package “Going Solo” to equip you with further skills Motorway, Busy Car Parks and loads more.
  • Once you have passed we will help you get the car you want via our 1stCAR partnership with LNK Motors, where you really can order the car you want !!!
  • When you pass we will also help you celebrate by giving you a meal at The Chinese Buffet (Who else will do that)
  • We will also give you a free hour of on the road driving advice, should you need it, to help you with your driving in the first 12 months of passing your driving test.
  • YOU will also be able to get a range of discounts with some local businesses with our once again unique to GDT Platinum Club
  • I almost forgot one of the most important things ! We are also really nice :>)


As you can see here at GDT we want you to have a pleasant experience in not only learning to drive, but for years of happy safe driving afterwards

Graham Evans (Owner ) GDT



T: 01204 265055 OR M: 07772843239

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