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Whats more important that text or your licence ?


Is this you ?

Imagine passing your driving test and then having to do it all again just by checking or sending a single text message !

Sounds a little bit dramatic don’t you think ?
Well from the 1st March this year (2017) that is exactly what will happen if you are caught by the police using your mobile phone.

Yes on the 1st March the law changes on the use of mobile phone whilst driving from 3 points on your driving licence and a £100 fine to 6 points on your licence and a £200 fine. So to the new driver still within the two year probation period it will mean that they will have their licence revoked on the FIRST offence, meaning they will have their licence taken off them. If they want their full driving licence back they will have to :- 

  • Apply for their provisional licence again
  • Pass the theory test again
  • Pass the practical test again.

for the full licence holder with a clean licence, just two offences would see them tot up their 12 points and more than likely will be banned from driving for up to 12 months.

So what constitutes an offence, the law states …. “It is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving” You Can only use your mobile phone when safely parked, which means being in a safe place to park with the engine off (this doesn’t include the Stop/ Start functionality found on newer cars and the handbrake must be on. So for those who think its ok to check their phone while at traffic lights or sat in queuing traffic, i’m afraid that doesn’t count and is still deemed an offence.

I would expect a serious crack down on this offence once the new law comes into play on the 1st March, so why not get into the habit of turning the phone off, putting it out of reach or at least investing in a good 100% handsfree car kit.

Thanks for your time and stay safe

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