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Learning to Drive in Bury Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper

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Yes you read that correctly learning to drive is about to get cheaper and become a whole lot quicker process.

bury driving instructor

 Why I here you say,

Well it’s all to do with the new driving test that comes into operation on the 4th December and the changes that are about to take place.


If you are already a full licence holder and lucky enough to have already passed your driving test, think back what manoeuvres did you have to practice to infinity with your driving instructor. How often did you lose the will to live reversing around corners just in case it came up on your driving test, because let’s be realistic who does it to that standard afterwards? Definitely not me.

Well the good news is from the 4th of December you will no longer be asked to carry out a pointless manoeuvre that just doesn’t happen in 21st Century driving and rest assured we won’t be teaching it any more (We will make sure you can turn the car around safely in any given situation, but different from what the current test asks).

So, it’s actually true !!! learning to drive and getting your driving licence is going to get cheaper, because you won’t be wasting any time on lessons trying to reverse around a corner. I think a rough estimate would be that 4-5 lessons can be wasted just to practice the left corner reverse and with that I am being conservative.

At Get Driving Today we don’t like you wasting any money so be assured you will only be practicing things will benefit your driving and not just something that might happen on your driving test.

If you or someone you know is thinking of learning to drive in 2018, who maybe has put off learning to drive because of cost or its too complicated, send them this article ( just click one of the sharing buttons below) and tell them to get in touch 01204 265055.

Keep your eye out for the second article in this small series of blog posts detailing how it’s now easier and cheaper when learning to drive.

Drive Safely (Graham Owner Get Driving Today)



BE PREPARED ! New Driving Test 2017

DVSA Logo All Change !

So after over a year since it was first mooted, its official if you are learning to drive in Bolton and Bury then the new UK driving test coming into effect on Monday 4th December 2017 could affect you !

The driving instructor community it has to be said has a very mixed feelings to some of the changes, however here at Get Driving Today HQ we are welcoming the changes wholeheartedly and can confirm that from Tuesday 18th April all of our customers will be covering everything involved with both the current test along with the new test at the end of the year.

Farewell Reversing around a corner !!

If somebody can tell me the point of reversing around a corner to the level the current test asks for, then I am all ears, but I can honestly say that in the 33 years that have passed since I passed my driving test I have never reversed around a corner to that level, and will no longer be teaching it to that level, once the new test comes into operation.  However, I have to question the taking away of the Turn in the Road (Some call it a three point turn), and would expect to find that as it is no longer to be tested then some instructors will not teach it. Turning a car around in a confined space is a skill that is required and I can confirm that we will still be ensuring our customers can complete this task before gaining their full driving licence. Imagine driving into a narrow street, finding out it’s the wrong street, and are unable to turn your car around.

Highway codeDefying the Highway Code !

The “new” reversing manoeuvre is a strange one and one that is the main bone of contention in the driver training industry. “Pull over on the right hand side of the road reverse back two car lengths and then drive away as normal” Everybody does it, its not necessarily dangerous if done in the right place and correctly carried out but…….. Should we be testing something the highway clearly suggests you shouldn’t do ? It doesn’t say MUST NOT so its not actually illegal, however it does say “DO NOT” meaning it’s not recommended and is not best practice.

“Rule 239 – Use off-street parking areas, or bays marked out with white lines on the road as parking places, wherever possible. If you have to stop on the roadside: 
do not park facing against the traffic flow …. Read the full rule here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/the-highway-code/waiting-and-parking-238-to-252”

We will ensure that all of our clients can safely carry out this manoeuvre, however we will be stressing the importance of only doing it whenever it is absolutely necessary and safe to do so.

Following a Sat Nav is becoming an essential skill, when our clients become independent drivers most of them are nervous of finding their way around and simply tell me they will have a Sat Nav to help them. So teaching how to use a Sat Nav, but not trusting its every word is likely to be an essential skill, to pass on to all new drivers.

Thanks for reading 

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Taken from the official DVSA web site at www.gov.uk

The 4 driving test changes

  1. Independent driving part of the test will increase to 20 minutes
    The independent driving part of the test currently lasts around 10 minutes. During this part of the test, you have to drive without turn-by-turn directions from the driving examiner.
    This part of the test will be made longer, so it’ll last around 20 minutes – roughly half of the test. 
  2. Following directions from a sat nav
    During the independent driving part of the test, most candidates will be asked to follow directions from a sat nav.
    The examiner will provide the sat nav and set it up. You won’t need to set the route – the examiner will do this for you. So, it doesn’t matter what make or model of sat nav you practise with.
    You can’t follow directions from your own sat nav during the test – you have to use the one supplied by the examiner.
    You’ll be able to ask the examiner for confirmation of where you’re going if you’re not sure. It won’t matter if you go the wrong way unless you make a fault while doing it.
    One in 5 driving tests won’t use a sat nav. You’ll need to follow traffic signs instead 
  3. Reversing manoeuvres will be changed
    The ‘reverse around a corner’ and ‘turn-in-the-road’ manoeuvres will no longer be tested, but you should still be taught them by your instructor.
    You’ll be asked to do one of 3 possible reversing manoeuvres:
    • parallel park at the side of the road
    • park in a bay – either driving in and reversing out, or reversing in and driving out (the examiner will tell you which you have to do)
    • pull up on the right-hand side of the road, reverse for 2 car lengths and rejoin the traffic 
  4. Answering a vehicle safety question while you’re driving
    The examiner will ask you 2 vehicle safety questions during your driving test – these are known as the ‘show me, tell me’ questions.
    You’ll be asked the:
    tell me’ question (where you explain how you’d carry out a safety task) at the start of your test, before you start driving
    “show me’ question (where you show how you’d carry out a safety task) while you’re driving – for example, showing how to wash the windscreen using the car controls and wipers.

If you would like a no obligation chat on learning to drive or how the new test will affect you why not give us a call on 01204 265055 or 07772843239


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What on earth is a Smart Motorway

Smart Mway showing use of hard shoulder and speed restrictions

Smart Motorway

Lots of you will be aware of the extremely large amount of roadworks currently occurring on the regions main Motorway the M60 and onto the M62 towards Rochdale. Well unless you have lived in a box or a just simply blissfully unaware of any goings on they are changing it to a “Smart Motorway”

So what on earth is a “Smart MotorWay”

A smart motorway uses technology to actively manage the flow of traffic. The technology is controlled from a regional traffic control centre. The control centres monitor traffic carefully and can activate and change signs and speed limits. This helps keep the traffic flowing freely, using the hard shoulder at busier times to help keep the traffic flowing.

Smart motorways increase the capacity of the road, without the expense and hassle of widening the road, by either temporarily or permanently opening the hard shoulder to traffic. 

Beware of the RED CROSS

No, not the international aid charity, they do fantastic work. We are talking about a Red Cross above your lane. IF this displays on a Smart Motorway then you must move out of that lane as soon as it is safe, if you don’t then you risk a fine.

Watch your Speed.

Smart Motorways are monitored 24×7 and are aware of not just traffic accidents but also the weight of the flow of traffic. So depending on incidents and traffic flow the speed limits will change accordingly, so please don’t fall into the trap of the speed limit yesterday was 70, so it must be 70 today, an inicident or a busier time of day may change this limit.

Its dead easy to find out the speed limit as this will be clearly displayed on the many overhead gantries, so there will be no excuses for exceeding the current limit








Offers, Bargains – Everything is not what it seems !

Buyer Beware !!! Let us help you understand some of those too good to be true introductory offers

buyerbeware10 lessons for £99, Guaranteed Pass I am sure you have seen these offers and thought Wow! What a deal I’ll have a bit of that…. But are they what they seem ? 

CAVEAT EMPTOR !!! Lots of you will have heard this before, a lot of you will know what it means, for those that don’t it translates into one of the most important sayings you could think of when choosing the right driving instructor in Bolton, Bury and surrounding areas. Caveat Emptor – “LET THE BUYER BEWARE”

Beware of what ?

There are so many different instructors out there, some are  multi car national driving schools, some are multi car local driving schools and some are single car driving instructors. Each of these are all trying to get you to join them and part with your cash with the goal of getting you your driving licence. 

Let me now simplify things a little bit for you, whether you choose a national driving school, or a multi car local driving school, your driving instructor will be a self employed local driving instructor working for him or herself. This industry does NOT employ driving instructors.

Have you tried Googling a driving instructor in your area for example “driving instructor bury “or “driving instructor Bolton” ? If you have you will receive in return 10’s of pages of driving instructors. Just because they are on page one of google, does not mean they are a better instructor than someone on page 10, it just means they are better at some techie stuff or are happy to spend money on getting onto that lucrative page, to find the right instructor for you then delve into some of those later pages, a couple of extra mouse clicks or screen taps could save you quite a bit of your hard earned cash.

You will have no doubt seen many offers to entice you to choose a particular driving school, and this really is where THE BUYER NEEDS TO BE AWARE ………lets take a look at just a couple of them

10 lessons for £99 

On paper and easy on they eye, this looks an absolutely fantastic offer, who wouldn’t want 10 hours of lessons for just £9.90 each. Before making that call and speaking to one of the nicest people you could want to talk to (this is unlikely to be your instructor and they are trained to get you signed up), check the terms and conditions first. 

This tends to be how your 10 hours for £99 looks in reality.

  • First two hours
  • Two further hours after 12 hours of full price lessons
  • Two further hours after 30 hours (What if you didn’t need this many hours)
  • Two hours on test day
  • Two hours of your PASS PLUS (after you have passed) (You will have to pay at least £100 to claim the other 4 hours of the PASS PLUS.
    All the hours and lessons taken in between these “£99” hours will be charged at full price.

So looking at the above does it now look as tempting an offer as it did originally ? If it still looks good to you, then please save some cash and go and book it.


Hey if someone can guarantee you can pass your driving test, they are either lieing, or are bribing an examiner. Nobody can take into consideration what happens on test day. However if you still fancy this offer then once again give them a call, but I would recommend getting that guarantee in writing.

So my warning to you before choosing any driving instructor be they a national school, multi-car local school or a solo driving instructor would be ;

  • Read between the lines of any offer
  • Check the small print
  • Ask to speak to your actual driving instructor, to see if you actually like him over the phone, if you don’t “click”over the phone you certainly won’t click in the car.

If you would like more information on how to find the right driving instructor for you there’s a great email guide here. “FIND THE RIGHT INSTRUCTOR FOR YOU”


Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Why do driving lessons cost so much

Whatever it is that has spurred you on to do it now, learning to drive is an exciting experience. However, let’s not beat about the bush, it’s also a potentially very expensive one too! On average it takes 30-40 hours or even more, worth of lessons to pass the practical test. Given that you can expect to pay anywhere between £18 and £32 per hour lesson, you can easily be spending upwards of £1200.
Now that might seem like a lot of money to pay someone just to keep you company while you drive around in their car for an hour or so a week. Ask any of my mates (honestly, I do have some) and they’d agree my company is not worth paying that much for. 


Perhaps £25 or so per hour or above sounds like a lot of money, it certainly is if you’re working minimum wage and juggling college, but the fact is that £25 (or whatever it is you have to pay) covers much more than that physical one hour lesson. I can assure you that not all of your hard earned cash goes directly into my pocket for lifes little luxuries, even though “Lady GDT” would like it to. 

So, lets be serious for a minute or two, what do you actually get when you hire a driving instructor? 



Don’t lose your relationship

For starters, I’m legally allowed to teach you !
First of all, you are paying for my training. You could no doubt get a friend or family member to teach you, and other than paying for their fuel and perhaps buying them a box of chocolates it probably won’t cost you anything, although in fact it could actually cost you a friend !!! (I’ll let you think about that for a while)…………………..

That’s great for your bank balance, what do you actually get out of it? They may well have been driving for 20 years, but can they teach? Are they up to date with the latest driving techniques, styles, and more importantly rules of the road (Did you know they have changed over the years). So you could actually be being taught incorrectly and goes against what is required to pass the driving test.

As an instructor I have spent up to £4,000 to qualify in the first place (not to mention all the ongoing training I go through on a regular basis). This ensures that not only am I capable of a high standard of driving myself, but that I have the necessary understanding and the skills to be able to teach you to drive, which is actually the important bit. That training sets me apart from someone that isn’t trained, it gives me an edge. It makes me a professional.
So ! Yes having paid for my training, and passed a series of tests to prove my worth so as to speak, this makes me legally allowed to teach you to drive.


FACT – The law states “Only Qualified Approved Driving Instructors (And authorised trainee’s, but that’s a different story) are allowed to take money or gifts for driving lessons”


route planning

route planning

The Lesson itself

I can assure you I don’t just turn up for your lesson and then make it up as I go along. Before your lesson commences I will have consulted notes from previous lessons, to check what we need to work on, and then and only then will I take some of my own time to find a route specific to your needs at any particular stage of your learning.


Business Costs.

insuranceCar Costs – The lesson charge also has to include a percentage that covers all of my day – day running costs for example supplying a suitable car, keeping that car serviced, making sure it is in a safe condition for your lesson.

Lets also not forget that cars don’t run on fresh air !! I need to put some diesel in.

Ooops yes, remember its illegal to drive on a UK road without a valid insurance certificate, so I have to pay for that every year also.

Marketing & admin and time off !

Choosing GDT as your preferred driving school, you will either have been recommended by a friend or you will have seen ad or web site somewhere, guess what ? These also cost me money, and yes you’ve guessed it there is a small proportional charge to cover that cost as well.

Being in full time employment has its perks you get paid holidays, sick pay unfortunately us self employed people dont have those luxury, if we want a week off or have to take some time off sick (You wouldnt want your driving instructor sat next to you being sick would you ) well, that’s unpaid, so hey, yep there’s a little bit added to your hourly rate to cover these circumstances (you don’t expect us to work 365 days a year do you ? ) 


Experience ? (surely that’s worth a bob or two as well)
Finally, you are paying for my experience, over the years I have taught many students, and not one of them learns in the same way. Everybody is different, for example some customers have a natural ability to drive so trust me we don’t teach them the same way as someone with Dyslexia or Dyspraxia and high anxiety. This means that I have found a way to quickly adapt to each new pupil, to ensure that they are taught in the way that works best for them; not for me. That is something that can only come with time and a lot of practice. It’s hard work that has already been done, but that you are going to benefit from immediately.

So, taking in all of the above it’s surely worth the cost of a lesson, isn’t it?

This post is copyright (C) of Graham’s Driver Training (GDT) express permission from the author is required to duplicate in part or full before using for any other purpose.



(Pupils waiting)

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Rachels passed her driving test


Rachel and Graham’s test pass selfie

We are rightly proud of all those that pass their driving test with us, however human nature says some are just that bit extra special. As this was when Rachel passed her driving test in Bury recently. I am not going to go into detail as to why as Rachels own words in her review of us says it all. 

What i will say is if you want something enough, then hard work, patience and perseverence are essential to reaching your goal, and that’s exactly how Rachel came home on test day with a full driving licence and a car waiting outside.

Well done Rachel, I know you will stay in touch and enjoy your driving now the test pressure is off.

Rachel said

“I spent 8 years trying to learn how to drive, I went threw many driving instructors and none suited me, I suffer with bipolar disorder and severe anxiety and this makes it difficult for me with new people in new situations but then I came across GDT and graham made me feel comfortable straight away, he was relaxed and completely understanding when I explained my condition and this put me at ease. It was a very long journey from me starting with Graham about a year and a half and he never once gave up on me or lost his enthusiasm for the lessons in fact he did everything he could to make things as comfortable as he could for me. There isn’t possibly a way I could express how grateful I am to graham for being such an amazing instructor and I know if it wasn’t for him I would not have gone on to pass my test. I would highly recommend GDT to anybody looking to start driving as I have done many times already, in my opinion Graham goes above and beyond for everyone he teaches and this is what makes him and GDT so special!”

Roadkill ? What to do !


Roadkill What to do ?

What happens if you are involved in an accident that involves an animal ?

What should you do if you hit an animal on the road ?


Officially and Legally !

The first question you need to ask yourself is is the animal actually an “animal” in the eyes of the law. According to the Road Traffic act of 1988 you only have to inform the police and report the incident if the animal is either a dog, goat, horse, cattle, donkey, mule, sheep or a pig.

Common sense however tells us to

If you have to stop, you must stay with your car long enough for any affected parties to ask for details if they need to. For example, this could be the owner of an injured animal, the RSPCA or the police.

If you MUST approach the injured animal, approach with caution, it is likely to be nervous, scared and could attack you for self preservation, remember its an animal and doesnt actually know you are trying to help it. If the animal does let you approach it, and it looks like it could be someones pet, try and look for an ID tag on its collar.

What if I’m involved in an accident with a wild animal ?

If you find an injured wild animal on the road. Simply  call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999, or if possible take it to a vet. don’t worry about the vets fee’s as you will not be held responsible.

You’ve not mentioned cats yet !!!!!

I know, I know. As you will have noticed cats are NOT on the list of animals that you need to report to the police. However should you be involved in an accident with a cat our advice would be to either contact your nearest vet or you can contact the local Cat protection league (Bolton details are Email: boltoncats@hotmail.co.uk  Telephone: 07760 780759


Well done Gaz !!

Gaz passes driving test - driving lessons Bolton

No photo available

Congratulations to Gaz Booth who passed his driving test recently at Bolton Test Centre. A great drive, rewarded with a full driving licence.

Gaz was prepared for his test by taking driving lessons Bolton and surrounding areas.

Gaz had this to say afterwards –

“i’d just like to say thank you for all your help and advise and for preparing me for the actual driving test, not only did you get me ready for the normal driving test but an extended driving test of 70 minutes which i passed with quite an ease and all in just over 4 weeks…. due to all your professional experience, help and support. i will be recommending you to all my family and friends” – Gaz Booth


Congratulations Natasha – passed her driving test in Bolton

Another driving test pass in Bolton

Well done Natasha

Congratulations to Natasha Dunn who passed her driving test today at Bolton Test Centre.  Natasha had her driving lessons in Bolton and Atherton.

Well done from Graham and stay safe but most of all enjoy Uni !!!!

Anthony passes his driving test first time !!

Passed Driving test in Rochdale

Congratulations to Anthony Oakley who passed his driving test with GDT.

After having driving lessons with a prior instructor Anthony started his lessons again with Graham, and after just a few weeks passed his driving test in Bolton at the very first attempt.

Well done from all at GDT and stay safe on the road

Well Done Lee

Lee passes driving test in Bolton

Well done Lee

Well done to Lee Barlow who passed his driving test first time at Bolton Test Centre.

Lee now joins his partner Kimberley in the GDT hall of fame !

Hope to see you soon for some motorway driving. All the best from Graham

Careless Driving Just Got Serious

Middle lane hogger

Middle lane hogger

On Friday August 16th there are a number of new driving laws that will come into effect that will undoubtedly cause much confusion and debate.

New powers have been given to the police to allow them to give on the spot fines for offences that have up to now had to go through the magistrates courts etc.

Much has been said about “middle lane hogging” on the motorway, and quite rightly too as this quite simply is lazy driving. If you are not overtaking or about to overtake another vehicle then you should be moving over to the left hand lane. However these new laws take in far more than just this one offence.

The legislation also covers those caught doing handbrake turns, wheel spins, forcing their way into an orderly queue of traffic, ignoring a ‘lane closed’ sign and getting into the wrong lane at a roundabout.’

However, in cases where there is no victim, they will be offered the opportunity to take a ‘driver awareness course’, costing roughly £100.

If they take this option they will avoid points on their licence plus an increase in the cost of their insurance premium.

Read below for a more detailed list of the new offences and their punishments !

Endorsable (includes points) fixed penalty notices rising from £60 to £100 include:

  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Motorway offences, eg reversing on the motorway and driving on the hard shoulder, hogging the middle lane.
  • Neglect of traffic directions, eg jumping a red light
  • Neglect of pedestrian rights, eg stopping on a controlled crossing
  • Load offences, eg causing danger of injury to the number of passengers due to an unsecure load or articles in your vehicle.
  • Motorcycle offences, eg carrying more than one passenger.
  • In situations where the owner of a vehicle fails to identify the driver when an offence was committed, the fine will rise from £120 to £200 and points will be imposed. Where someone is caught driving without insurance, they will be fined £300, and increase from the current level of £200.


Non endorseable (no points) fixed penalty notices rising from £60 to £100 include:

  • Failure to wear a seat belt
  • Using a vehicle without a test certificate.

 Non-endorsable (no points) fixed penalty notices increasing from £30 to £50 include:

  • Neglect traffic regulations, eg as failing to give way
  • Negligent use of motor vehicle, eg not being in full control
  • Vehicle registration and excise licence offences, eg failing to display a tax disc
  • Motorway offences, eg stopping on the hard shoulder
  • Vehicle in defective condition, eg dirty and obstructed windows
  • Neglect of pedestrian rights, eg driving elsewhere than the road
  • Lighting offences, eg misuse of head lamps
  • Noise offences, eg sounding the horn at night
  • Carrying too much weight on board
  • Cycle and motorcycle, including cycling on the footpath and not wearing protective headgear.

Now you cant say you weren’t warned, Dont get caught out, don’t let your friends and family get caught, feel free to share this post below.

Thanks for reading