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Kathleen passes her driving test in Cheetham Hill

Kathleen Mottram pictured after passing her driving test in Cheetham Hill

Well done Kathleen


A busy time at GDT for test passes. This time we say WELL DONE to Kathleen Mottram. Kathleen had her driving lessons with Sharon Ashurst.

Kathleen had most of her driving lessons in Prestwich, Whitefield etc. Preparing her fully for her driving test.

A huge congratulations from not just your instructor Sharon but all the rest of the team at GDT.


Well Done Lee

Lee passes driving test in Bolton

Well done Lee

Well done to Lee Barlow who passed his driving test first time at Bolton Test Centre.

Lee now joins his partner Kimberley in the GDT hall of fame !

Hope to see you soon for some motorway driving. All the best from Graham

Near Miss

When overtaking a slow moving vehicle ensure that it is safe to do so, this includes checking that there are no other road users emerging out of any side roads. Unilke this driver who was within inches of causing a major accident involving three vehicles. (Me, Him and the black car)

Well done Macauley

Driving test pass bury

Well done Macauley



A massive congratulations to Macauley who passed his driving test in Bury with GDT. Great to see family support on the return home. Stay safe, and dont forget those mirrors :>)

Dangeorus game to play at a pedestrian crossing

I remember when Monopoly and Ludo were popular with kids on Autumn / Winter evenings. I certainly wouldnt recommend allowing your children to play this game DANGEROUS !!!!!

Blink and you will miss it !

Amazing what some people use their car for, even I am not sure if this is legal, it certainly should be !!!!

Buyer Beware

Observation on a driving lesson is one of the most important parts of learning to drive, something I am sure most instructors will agree. So I thought I would share one of my “observations” via our blog.

I am writing this as a warning to just about anybody who is currently looking to learn to drive and is shopping around looking for an instructor. All of the following takes place between “14:15 and 16:45 on the 12th Feb 2011 (Sounds very like an episode of the popular TV series “24” !!!!)

During a lesson with a pupil of mine who was on just his third lesson with me (he takes 90 min lessons), we were driving around an estate practicing and learning to turn left and emerge left out of various junctions. After one circuit we passed another learner vehicle parked on our left, no doubt discussing the next part of their lesson. The route we were taking took approximately 6-7 minutes to complete. As per each turn or emerge from a junction we would take about good points and improvements made. After three circuits (aprox 25 mins) the learner mentioned earlier was still un moved and was still looking and listening patiently to his instructor. I mentioned this to my pupil explaining that it was probably his first lesson and they were discussing the basics of the vehicle, so we carried on with more turns and emerging, extending our route to return to the original point where the other learner had been, had is probably not the best word as he was “still” there some 50 minutes later, however we pulled over and chatted about how the lesson was going, and decided to introduce the right turn to include more emerging for the final 20 / 30 minutes, off we went with many a successful turn, and it has to be said the occasional problem.

However as we once again retuned to our starting point, the other learner was now getting out of the vehicle and into the passenger seat (he did look rather glassy eyed), having not completed any driving etc for almost 90 minutes.

Quote from my pupil, “Has he not done any driving on that lesson” to which I replied, “Doesn’t look like it, he has probably taken one of those offers… £10 hrs for £90… and will probably be sat their again next lesson”

MORAL OF THE STORY If you are looking at learning to drive, unfortunately there are not many “CHEAP” options, if you are paying any less than £17p/h hour for more than one or two hours, then you have chosen THE EXPENSIVE way to learn to drive. Paying the extra few pounds for quality tuition is highly likely to get you towards your test quicker and cheaper in the long run, than by searching through the bargain basement.

New web site Update

Just a really quick update. The bulk of the new web site is now online. However I am experiencing one or two issues, mainly due to speed etc. I am hoping it is an issue with the guys who host the site and not something I’ve done.

For those who have already seen the site, you will notice it now has a much cleaner, crisper and simplified look.

More updates soon

Are you ready for your driving test ?

You will need to be able to demonstrate a safe and competant level of driving at all times. When you can confidently and consistently deal with all road and traffic conditions and complete each of the set piece manoeuvres first time, you are ready to take the driving test. Most importantly, you should be aware that you may pass the driving test! This means that you will be on your own from then on, no help or guidance from your driving instructor. When you feel confident to be able to do this – have a go.

What can you expect on the day?

Whether you go for the driving test in your driving instructor’s car or your own car, the driving test will be conducted in the same way.

First you will be asked for your documents by the driving test examiner – you will need your driving licence (with photo ID if you have an older driving licence) and you will need to present your theory test pass certificate.
Then you will be asked to sign a declaration form stating that the vehicle is insured for your use on the driving test. This should not be a problem if using a driving school car.

You will be asked to lead the way out to your car. You may ask for your driving instructor to accompany you if you wish.

Before you get into the car, you will be shown a registration number plate to read at about 20.5m (67ft). If you cannot read the number, the correct distance will be measured and you will be asked again. If you still cannot read the number, the test will have failed the driving test and you will need your eyesight tested.

You will then be asked two “Show me – Tell me” questions.
On successful completion of the show me tell me questions, the driving test examiner will invite you to make yourself comfortable in the car while he notes down the car’s registration number and checks the car’s roadworthiness.

Once the driving test examiner gets in the car, he/she will explain the rules of the driving test to you.
Basically, follow the road ahead unless road marking or signs direct your otherwise. If he/she wants you to turn off to the left or right, he/she will give you the direction in plenty of time. If you do not hear or do not understand the direction given, simply ask them to repeat it.
The driving test will last for approximately forty (40) minutes and will include the following conditions
Urban roads and back roads
Main roads possibly of a higher speed limit
Dual-carriageways up to national speed limit (70mph)
Country roads up to national speed limit (60mph)
You will only be expected to perform one (1) of the set piece manoeuvres on the test
Turn in the road (Three Point Turn)
Reverse into a limited opening on the left/right (Reverse around a corner)
Reverse Park – either in a car park into a parking bay or on the road behind a parked vehicle.

There is approximately a one in three chance of having to perform an emergency stop. This is NOT conducted on every driving test.

At several points during the driving test, you will be asked to park in a safe place and then simply pull away again. Possibly on a hill or from behind a stationary obstruction.

At some stage during the test the examiner will conduct a 10 minute session of Independent driving.They will ask you to either follow a series of directions or follow  some road signs or a combination of both.

At the end of the driving test, the driving test examiner will ask you to switch off the engine and will then inform you as to your success or failure.

Regardless of pass or fail, the driving test examiner will ask you if you wish the driving faults to be explained. This is always a good idea, especially if you have not passed, but even if you pass this may still be some useful advice.

Jenny passes first time !!

Jenny passes driving test first time at Bolton test centre

Well done Jenny





Another first time pass for GDT : CONGRATULATIONS to Jenny who passed her driving test first time this morning.

Thoroughly well deserved after coping with some idiots on the road in previous weeks …….. Graham