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Everybody who learns to drive with us gets :

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We don't believe in offering cheap lessons to start and then hiking the price as the lessons continue.

If you pay in advance of at least ONE lesson you get 10% disc off our in - car rate





Learning to drive is a personal choice. Thats why we leave the choices up to you. Do you want to learn in an manual or automatic ? Do you want an intensive course or just Pay as you go?


Customer Testimonials:

.........Then I found Graham on Google after I typed in anxiety specialist driving school. I suffer with anxiety, especially when it to driving. I don't think I moved out of second gear through my first few lessons. Graham was fantastic from the very beginning, he has the patience of a saint, ensuring that there was as little stress in my lessons as possible (even if it meant having the greatest showman soundtrack on for the entire lesson)

Natalie (Bury)

Graham tailors each step of driving to individual needs, ways to remember ( however crazy) and what helps you to learn. He gives support and advice on every aspect of driving. He pinpoints areas to work on and makes each and every lesson fun even when my stress levels were at there highest. Wow yes I would even use the word AWESOME when I think of Graham and GDT. Never once did he get frustrated or annoyed and I assure you I'm not an easy pupil ( I am known as a princess). Thank you for pushing me to pass my driving test.

Donna (Bury)

Donna passed her driving test in Bolton after taking driving lessons in Bury

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Why not try us out ? If you are not happy after your first driving lesson we will gladly refund any money you have paid us, and wish you all the best in learning to drive with no hard feelings. What have you got to lose ? 


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Why Learner Drivers go slow !

Why Learner Drivers go slow !

When was the last time you got “STUCK BEHIND A LEARNER DRIVER” ! How did you deal with it, with patience ? Or did you get agitated ? Unfortunately most people will have answered with the latter.

Lets relate “learning to drive” with “learning a new language” – Will you be fluent and happy to mingle with the locals when you go abroad ? Or will you be nervous and worried about pronouncing something wrong ? Well thats just how a learner driver feels when they are out on the open road. Unlike learning a new language,  where you can practice in private – you have to learn on the open road, which can be scary (A bit like going into a busy city abroad and needing directions but nobody speaks English).

When learning to drive, all the natural mirror use, gears, observations that you take for granted are not in the learner drivers muscle memory, so they have to think about each stage seperatley, you know like, when you try and speak your new language and you have to speak a whole lot slower than the locals.

I hope you’ve found this useful – but please be a little more patient when you are “stuck behind a learner.

Adios ;>0



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Coming Soon to a motorway near you ! – Learner Drivers

Driving lessons bolton, driving lessons buryFinally, yes finally the DVSA, “they’re the guys that design, monitor, test and deliver the whole learning to drive thing” are allowing learner drivers on Motorways from 2018.

I can hear the gasps now, “OMG learners on Motorways there’ll be carnage”  or “Whose Stupid idea was that”. Think about it though, how many people do you know who still haven’t been on a motorway or are nervous about using them ? I know quite a few, and that’s outside my professional circle. Surely its a good idea as long it’s not a free for all for anyone with L plates. Let’s also remember we have a brand new Smart Motorway opening up later this year so a little extra training wont go amiss, as I’m sure everybody will have some questions on how it works over the coming weeks. Or why not read one of our older posts WHAT ON EARTH IS A SMART MOTORWAY  “I bet you’ve all forgot what its like to drive at 70mph on the M60″. 

Here’s the good news, there are some extra regulations behind this decision.

  • Only fully qualified driving instructors can accompany a learner driver on a Motorway
  • The car must be dual control.

So as long as the driving instructor is a sensible instructor and has fully prepared the learner driver for the motorway there really shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever. At least you won’t get stuck behind one going to slow, you can just use on of the “overtaking lanes”, “did you see what I did there ? I didn’t say middle lane or fast lane ? As I’m sure you all know those lanes don’t really exist”

For the full official story from those DVSA guys click here

If you have any thoughts on this, why not head over to our FACEBOOK PAGE and leave a comment ? 

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5 tips to passing your driving test first time

  lplatesLearning to drive and passing your driving test is one of the big milestones in anyones life. Its up their with your wedding day and other memorable occasions. So it’s really important you get it right, and start off in the best way possible. Thats why we have created this blog post to give you what we believe are the five best tips to passing your driving test first time. There’s never any guarantee’s to passing first time, but you can take certain steps to help it happen and give yourself that added edge on test day. 



You may be forgiven for thinking that all driving instructors are the same ! However you couldn’t be any further from the truth. Every driving instructor that you see on the road whether its us at Get Driving Today, Joe Bloggs or even BSM and the AA, we are all individual self employed instructors. Some of us are nice and friendly and some of us aren’t (just like in every walk of life really).

So how do you know which one is right for you ? Now this is the most important decision you will make, so take a little time with it. Gel-ing with your instructor means you will learn more, learn faster, and more importantly learn faster. Imagine spending £100’s of pounds with an instructor you didn’t get on with, or even hated ? You would not look forward to lessons, probably cancel them, and end up just packing in learning to drive just because you didn’t take a little care in selecting the correct instructor for you. [sociallocker id=”6841″] 


Lets get one thing straight right away , Learning to drive is not cheap ? There is no point in starting to learn and then realising its more expensive than you thought and packing it all in having no licence, and having wasted some money on those original lessons. I need to be honest with you now ! You need to budget a minimum thats a minimum of £1000 to be able to learn to drive from scratch with any driving school. I say minimum for many it can cost more, and for some it can cost less.

You may find a cheap instructor that doesn’t mean that the total cost of lessons will be any cheaper in the long run. Spending an extra £ or two on lessons could potentially save you £100’s in wasted lessons. 



Passing the theory test at the earliest opportunity can make your driving lessons easier to understand. The theory test sets out the basics of understanding the road and its rules. It really isn’t a case of passing the theory test and then forgetting about it. Study for it, pass it, then USE IT !



Although we understand this isn’t always possible, but if you get the chance to practice then go and practice, over and over again. We have a saying at Get Driving Today ….

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”

Remember any accompanying driver MUST be over 21 and have held a full driving licence for three years. They must also adhere to all the rules any driver has to eg no mobile phones or distractions

When you do go out driving take different routes, don’t keep doing the same journey this can be dangerous as you will start to take everything for granted.


  1. TAKE THE TEST WHEN YOU ARE READY Here’s a fact for you “NOT EVERYBODY PASSES FIRST TIME” There I’ve said it people fail driving tests. However those that do pass first time are either very lucky or have been fully prepapred for the practical driving test.

Think ! Is their anywhere you don’t like driving, if there is then you are not ready for your driving test. If your driving instructor is helping and guiding you in the two weeks before test ask yourself “Am I ready for my test” because I can guarantee you that the examiner will not be helping you.

Here’s another FACTUAL saying

“Nobody has ever passed their driving test because they had too many lessons, however many have failed because they didn’t have enough “

Pass your driving test with confidence and call the Get Driving Today team on 01204 265055 or 07772843239



Supervise your learner correctly and legally

accompanyingI find it absolutely amazing that within the first 24 hours a driving instructor (Norwich) has already been caught using a mobile phone (c/w coffee) and could not only get 6 points and a £200 fine but could also lose their career. The DVSA (the guys who monitor and issue instructor licences) take a dim view of any instructor with more than five points on their licence. Read about it here

It was reading this story I thought there has been loads of social network publicity about the new laws that changed on March 1st, telling you that you will receive six points on your licence a £200 fine, which for new drivers could mean having their licence revoked and them having to take their theory test and practical test again. What hasn’t been as publicly stated is THIS ALSO APPLY’S to SUPERVISING DRIVERS TOO !!!!!

Supervising Drivers are those fantastic people who sit with learner drivers to either teach them as instructors or those ever patient parents and friends who come along and help learner drivers get that much needed practice.
Now for the hard ball bit, being a supervising driver is NOT just a case of being in the car while the provisional driver, drives you around. No !!! The supervising driver is their to support the learner and have overall responsibility which is why ….. wait for this next bit …… I will put it in capitals and make it bold so it stands out ……… MUST ADHERE TO THE SAME RULES AS THE LEARNER DRIVER …. KAPICH!!! UNDERSTAND.

Lets make sense of that last statement the supervising driver must not do any of the following else they will be liable for the same fine as if the driver had got caught.


Being a supervising driver can have fantastic rewards however it is a responsible role, so please don’t say you weren’t warned. Accompanying your offspring and using your mobile phone will still get you six points on your licence and a £200 fine.

Thanks for reading

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Sara celebrates her pass

Sara passes first time

Sara celebrates her pass


A massive well done to Sara who passed her driving test at the very first attempt recently at Bolton Driving Test Centre. A fantastic drive with very few errors saw Sara go home with a full driving licence. Sara took all of her driving lessons in Bolton so was fully prepared for her driving test. Proving hard work and perseverance gives the end result everyone wanted.

The pass was also great news for Sara’s partner Gareth who instantly used his new taxi service for a trip to the pub. What better reason to learn to drive.

Well done from everyone at Get Driving Today and stay safe.


a proud millie displays her test certificate

Millie’s passed first time

a proud millie displays her test certificateWhat better way to improve a wet. cold and miserable Monday morning in November than passing your driving test first time! That’s exactly what Millie did.

Millie took her driving lessons in and around Bury fully preparing her for a first time pass at Bury Driving Test Centre. Well done from every at Get Driving Today and stay safe.

Walking Tall Again


mibba2016_finalistMilliken, East Lancs Railway, The Mill Gate Shopping Centre, The Bury Black Pudding Company, all of which I am sure are recognisable names to the people of Bury additionally their names are recognised across Lancashire. Now what on earth could this small Bury driving school have in common with them? Quite simply Get Driving Today can now hold its head high as it sits alongside them as a finalist in the Made in Bury Business Awards AKA MIBBA’s.

So how do we manage to get this small Bury based driving school to stand tall with some of the biggest names in the world of “Bury Business”. I would like to think it’s because of two things

  1. the passion we have to you, our customers in getting you not only a driving licence and becoming safe drivers but as in a lot of cases, friends for life. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are still in contact with so many of our old customers in our day-day lives.
  2. We are always looking to do something different for our customers for example our Going Solo Package, 1stCar, Keep the Keys Policy along with other “out of the norm” extra’s.

For us its quite simply more than just getting people to pass their driving test, its about becoming more confident and getting a sense of achievement in reaching life goals. Of course we want you to pass your driving test (and you will). But the last thing I want is for  Get Driving Today to be simply a test passing machine that is forgotten after test day.

This will be our third year in attendance at the awards dinner, in 2014 we reached the final 6 (RRG Toyota / Nissan were the winners) followed in 2015 where we came second to Cartime and gained the “Highly Commended” accolade, can we go one step further in 2016 ? We will find out on 1st December, what a way that would be to kick off the Christmas period. 

Fingers crossed and here’s to December







Gemma’s passed first time. 

gemma displays her pass certificate

A massive congratulations to Gemma on passing her driving test at the first attempt.

Gemma took her driving lessons in Bolton and various surrounding areas to ensure she was more than prepared for what the driving test could throw at her.

Well done from everyone at Get Driving Today and stay safe.

Samantha’s passed

Look who’s passed their driving test at the first attempt ? Yes Samantha’s gone and passed her driving test.

A pleasure to teach, enjoy your new car and stay safe.

Wow! Lauren passes first time


Well done Lauren

A busy test week for us this week and for the second day running we are celebrating another successful driving test. This time we are saying congratulations to Lauren who passed her test at Bolton test centre.

Lauren put a superb drive together for the examiner culminating with a happy trip home with her full driving licence. Lauren took her driving lessons in and around Bolton and Farnworth and was thoroughly prepared for her test.

That just about completes the set for the family with both Laurens mother and sister both passing their driving test with GDT.

Abby passes first time ! 

Abby and Graham celebrate a a first time pass

A massive congratulations to Abby, who passed her driving test at the first attempt today at Bolton Test Centre.

A great drive with a strange finish, but still coming home with a full driving licence.

Abbi took her driving lessons in and around Bolton to fully prepare her for the practical test.

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