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How to choose the right instructor for you

How to Choose the right driving instructor for you ?

Did you know every driving instructor is different ?

Did you know every driving instructor has the same goal ?….. (You passing your driving test.

It really is so important that you find the right instructor for you ? You need to find one that suits your learning style, personality and your actual learning style. Do you know what your learning style is ? Are you a note taker, do you like to watch and copy or maybe you just like being thrown in at the deep end and learn from making small mistakes. A good driving instructor will find this out and will adapt his or her method to suit yours,  remember its your lesson not there’s.

Four Tips to Finding the perfect driving instructor for you.

Tip #1
Check they are qualified to teach….

A green certificate in the windscreen is the sign of a fully qualified instructor

A pink certificate in the windscreen means the instructor is still in training

No certificate displayed ILLEGAL INSTRUCTOR !!!! WALKAWAY Do not under any circumstances give them any money.

Tip #2

Try and find some reviews from “passed” pupils. Also look for a variety of people and find one that tells a similar story to yours. (You can view ours below)


Tip #3

Don’t necesseraley choose your instructor on price alone. The cheapest may not be the best instructor for you, and neither could the most expensive.

Tip #4 Shop around if you find an offer that seems too good to be true, then you wll need to check the snall print. (Watch the video, and Graham will tell you the main one to be careful of)

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Elisha celebrating her driving test pass

Elisha’s Passed First Time

Elisha celebrating her driving test passThe two of us had a very early start this morning, however it was well worth the effort as Elisha nailed her driving test at the very first attempt at Bury Test Centre, joing her sister in the Get Driving Today first time pass club.

Elisha took her driving lessons in Bury, Radcliffe with the odd visit to Bolton, fully preparing her for not only the driving test but any future driving she does.

Congratulations from everyone at Get Driving Today

If you want to be one of the next people to pass their driving test, then why not give us a call 01204 265055 or txt 07772843239, or send us a message with the orange messenger icon on the right hand side of the screen.

5 tips to passing your driving test first time

  lplatesLearning to drive and passing your driving test is one of the big milestones in anyones life. Its up their with your wedding day and other memorable occasions. So it’s really important you get it right, and start off in the best way possible. Thats why we have created this blog post to give you what we believe are the five best tips to passing your driving test first time. There’s never any guarantee’s to passing first time, but you can take certain steps to help it happen and give yourself that added edge on test day. 



You may be forgiven for thinking that all driving instructors are the same ! However you couldn’t be any further from the truth. Every driving instructor that you see on the road whether its us at Get Driving Today, Joe Bloggs or even BSM and the AA, we are all individual self employed instructors. Some of us are nice and friendly and some of us aren’t (just like in every walk of life really).

So how do you know which one is right for you ? Now this is the most important decision you will make, so take a little time with it. Gel-ing with your instructor means you will learn more, learn faster, and more importantly learn faster. Imagine spending £100’s of pounds with an instructor you didn’t get on with, or even hated ? You would not look forward to lessons, probably cancel them, and end up just packing in learning to drive just because you didn’t take a little care in selecting the correct instructor for you. [sociallocker id=”6841″] 


Lets get one thing straight right away , Learning to drive is not cheap ? There is no point in starting to learn and then realising its more expensive than you thought and packing it all in having no licence, and having wasted some money on those original lessons. I need to be honest with you now ! You need to budget a minimum thats a minimum of £1000 to be able to learn to drive from scratch with any driving school. I say minimum for many it can cost more, and for some it can cost less.

You may find a cheap instructor that doesn’t mean that the total cost of lessons will be any cheaper in the long run. Spending an extra £ or two on lessons could potentially save you £100’s in wasted lessons. 



Passing the theory test at the earliest opportunity can make your driving lessons easier to understand. The theory test sets out the basics of understanding the road and its rules. It really isn’t a case of passing the theory test and then forgetting about it. Study for it, pass it, then USE IT !



Although we understand this isn’t always possible, but if you get the chance to practice then go and practice, over and over again. We have a saying at Get Driving Today ….

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”

Remember any accompanying driver MUST be over 21 and have held a full driving licence for three years. They must also adhere to all the rules any driver has to eg no mobile phones or distractions

When you do go out driving take different routes, don’t keep doing the same journey this can be dangerous as you will start to take everything for granted.


  1. TAKE THE TEST WHEN YOU ARE READY Here’s a fact for you “NOT EVERYBODY PASSES FIRST TIME” There I’ve said it people fail driving tests. However those that do pass first time are either very lucky or have been fully prepapred for the practical driving test.

Think ! Is their anywhere you don’t like driving, if there is then you are not ready for your driving test. If your driving instructor is helping and guiding you in the two weeks before test ask yourself “Am I ready for my test” because I can guarantee you that the examiner will not be helping you.

Here’s another FACTUAL saying

“Nobody has ever passed their driving test because they had too many lessons, however many have failed because they didn’t have enough “

Pass your driving test with confidence and call the Get Driving Today team on 01204 265055 or 07772843239



Ryan passes first time (twice)

ryanA massive congratulations to Ryan who aced his driving test at the first attempt, along with passing his theory first . All going to prove that if you put the effort in the rewards come thick and fast.

Ryan joins his brother Jordan in our hall of fame, proving lightning does strike twice as he matches his brothers first time pass with Graham some five years ago.



“”Lightening strikes twice , thank you GDT both of my boys passed 1st time after having lessons with you.
You adapted to their needs , personalities and helped them gain confidence, knowledge and skills to ensure they was ready to pass their test. My eldest passed 5 years ago and is an excellent no claims driver and its all thanks to Graham and his team.
From supporting you with special offers, supporting you with your theory, booking tests and after test/ advanced support.
You could not get a better driving instructor to get you on the road. SIMPLY THE BEST “




Supervise your learner correctly and legally

accompanyingI find it absolutely amazing that within the first 24 hours a driving instructor (Norwich) has already been caught using a mobile phone (c/w coffee) and could not only get 6 points and a £200 fine but could also lose their career. The DVSA (the guys who monitor and issue instructor licences) take a dim view of any instructor with more than five points on their licence. Read about it here

It was reading this story I thought there has been loads of social network publicity about the new laws that changed on March 1st, telling you that you will receive six points on your licence a £200 fine, which for new drivers could mean having their licence revoked and them having to take their theory test and practical test again. What hasn’t been as publicly stated is THIS ALSO APPLY’S to SUPERVISING DRIVERS TOO !!!!!

Supervising Drivers are those fantastic people who sit with learner drivers to either teach them as instructors or those ever patient parents and friends who come along and help learner drivers get that much needed practice.
Now for the hard ball bit, being a supervising driver is NOT just a case of being in the car while the provisional driver, drives you around. No !!! The supervising driver is their to support the learner and have overall responsibility which is why ….. wait for this next bit …… I will put it in capitals and make it bold so it stands out ……… MUST ADHERE TO THE SAME RULES AS THE LEARNER DRIVER …. KAPICH!!! UNDERSTAND.

Lets make sense of that last statement the supervising driver must not do any of the following else they will be liable for the same fine as if the driver had got caught.


Being a supervising driver can have fantastic rewards however it is a responsible role, so please don’t say you weren’t warned. Accompanying your offspring and using your mobile phone will still get you six points on your licence and a £200 fine.

Thanks for reading

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Jade passes first time


A massive congratulations to Jade  who passed her driving test at the first attempt this morning at Bury test centre.

Jade blew the nerves away with a fantastic drive, include the Queens Park Rd hill at Heywood !! complete with some nice words from the examiner.

Well done from everyone at GDT and enjoy Malaga.

Sammie’s passed her driving test

Well done !!

Well done !!

Well done Sammie ! You’ve passed your driving test. Sammie took her driving lessons in Radcliffe and Bury so being fully prepared for her driving test.

New found freedom means lots of days out with the kids without having to mother others or depend on public transport.

A fantastic achievement worthy of all our congratulations especially your instructor Graham

Cameron’s Passed



A massive congratulations to Cameron whonpsses her driving test today at Bury Test Centre.

Some nice words after test from the examiner saying it was obvious she had worked hard.

Enjoy your car, and safe driving – well done again from all at GDT especially your instructor Graham.

Flirt, Smile, Manouvre

bolton driving school

Is this you at a junction ? Read on ………

Getting that all important pass is a huge step – and something that all learner drivers covet. Some people argue that it’s not until you pass your test that you actually learn to drive, of course, we’d dispute that; however, there are some realities of driving that may have passed you by whilst you still had the safety of the L plates to protect you.

As you become an experienced driver certain things will become muscle memory and automatic. We genuinely hope that doesn’t mean you’re any less alert, but instead that you feel more comfortable and confident in what you are doing. That means you’re also more likely to pay attention to other things that may have escaped your notice whilst you were worrying about biting points and clutch control.

One such reality of driving is the fact that you can seemingly wait for days before someone will let you out of a junction. All you want to do is get to work, all you have to do is get on to the main road, but first you have to find someone that is going to let you turn on to that busy road. Finding someone, during rush hour, that is in good enough a mood to slow down and let you out can seem like looking for the Holy Grail.

It’s one of those challenges that often doesn’t present itself until you are driving alone. The simple fact is that many of us are busy and often in a rush. Slowing down and helping out our fellow man (or woman) is not always on our list of priorities as we battle the school run or fight our way to the office. So how do you encourage someone to take a second out of their day to do you a favour? Well, how about this for an idea ?  try a bit of flirting :>) .

We’re not talking about winking, blowing kisses or anything as drastic but a nice bit of old fashioned eye contact and a cheesy smile won’t do you any harm. People behave differently when they know they are being watched, so if you are able to make eye contact with a fellow driver, they are statistically more likely to slow down and let you out. Equally, a smile will soften the heart of even the grumpiest driver who will no doubt reciprocate and feel obligated to be nice and helpful.

That said, some people do take flirting a touch too far and don’t use it to simply gain driving advantages when it comes to changing lanes are manoeuvring junctions. In a report conducted last year 41% of the 3,000 drivers asked admitted that they spent time flirting with fellow drivers when they should have been paying attention to the roads. A startling 15% had near-misses when it came to their flirtatious driving style.

It’s clear therefore that a bit of “common sense” is essential when it comes to the wink, smile, manoeuvre approach to driving. But what else can impact your ability to get let out when you need to? According to other reports if your car is particularly “flashy” you may find you have to wait longer than someone with a less ostentatious ride. Equally, if you do not look like you are paying attention then people are less inclined to stop to let you out, especially if they think it will take you a while to react.

Your best bet is to look alert (which you should be), lean forward (so that you look like you are ready to go) but do not actually edge out. Be visible, smile and acknowledge those who have taken the time to be kind.

GDT in MIBBA finals

MIBBA finalist logo

We’re in the final three

Can I start this blog post by stating that I am absolutely gobsmacked that my small driving school has made it to the final three of The Made in Bury Business Awards (MIBBA). Last year I entered and was over the moon to make the awards evening happy in the knowledge we had made the final six. 

In 2015 a slight change to the format and we have been invited to the awards evening once again, only this time we have made it to the  final three in The “Best in Class – Motoring and Transport”. So yep my gob has been well and truly smacked.
The last seven days have been a bit of a bosh bosh world wind, what with having a meet and greet with the judges including a five minute presentation of the business and a five minute quick fire questions from some of the top business people in the borough. 
What makes me more proud of the MIBBA success is it is judged by your peers, its not a voting contest or how many “likes” you can get on facebook, you really have to impress some of the top dogs around town, for example on our judging panel we had the chief executive of Bury Council amongst others.
I am hoping that I have done enough to show that GDT are more than a “Pass your driving test” machine, and can become a stand out business throughout not just Bury but all surrounding areas.
So, how did we get to this stage ?

  1. Every business in Bury is elligible to enter, all you have to do was fill in the entry form. Not the easiest of tasks, but it would seem we have the knack as we have passed this stage in 2014 and this year 2015. 
  2. Its then wait for the email at the end of August telling you if you have made it into the final six, once again we we were selected alongside some of the bigger names in the category.
MIBBA final six motoring

3:  The final six are then invited to present there businesses to the category judges, more sweaty palms (but thats a different blog post)

4: Over the next 2-3 days the final six are whittled down to a final three, who will attend a gala dinner at the Longfield Suite (Prestwich) on the 19th November.age 
5: The final stage is the hard part, as my good lady will undoubtedly need a new dress, shoes etc, so if you see me with a long face around town, you will know exactly why? 
So here’s hoping we can go a little further and come home with a MIBBA which will undoubtedly help the hangover for after the awards ceremony. 
So from everyone at GDT …. Cheers and wish us luck on the night.
MIBBA 2014

Last years MIBBA

The Widow Maker

Approach to lights at Queens Park Rd

Be prepared for red or green ?

Welcome to the first in this series of blog posts, highlighting some of the more difficult sections of road on our local test routes. I thought I would start with what I affectionately call THE WIDOW MAKER. I named it the Widow Maker because it really can be a make or break place on one of the Bury Driving test routes.

The Widow Maker is one of those places that for some reason lots of learners and even some experienced drivers think eeeeeek, all it is, is a set of traffic lights placed at the top of a steep hill on the outskirts of Heywood so comes under the jurisdiction of Bury Driving Test Centre.

The key to taking away all the problems in my personal opinion is the approach, you can see the lights shining in the distance from a long, long way away, in fact its probably around a 1/4 of a mile away, so there really is no excuse to not have monitored the length of time they have been on either red or green.

The highest gear you will go around this steep / bend is second gear, so there really is no excuse not to have the speed and gear ready in plenty of time regardless of colour of the traffic lights on approach.

So why do so many people fail their tests here ? There are three main reasons I can think of.

Heywood Hill, Queens Park Road

Queens Road Hill

1: Not having enough confidence and skill to operate clutch control and acceleration to make a smooth set off,  if the lights are or on red, hence stalling and missing the sequence of lights and holding up traffic behind.

2: Racing the lights because you really dont want to have to stop because of reason 1 above, this tends to mean you try and go around in gear three, and that really doesn’t have enough power to get you around the corner without going too wide.

3: Now this one’s sneeky, around 150 metres before the lights the speed limit changes to 40mph (easily missed if you are worrying about the lights), for those that see it all well and good. However it has been known that a perfect approach to the lights and navigating the hill what with the self congratulations and back slapping for doing the hill really well the prospective driver forgets the speed limit is 30 and then goes on to fail their test for driving too slowly on a 40mph road.


So whats the answer ? (To view the short video below in HD , you may need to click the settings icon, bottom left to HD)

The Widow Maker is for many learners something that just needs practice, on this hill and other steeper inclines so as to have the confidence to cope with whatever is ahead be it a steep hill, sharp corner or a reversing bin lorry going the wrong way down a one way street.

I hope you have found this article useful, until next time

Drive Safely

Graham (GDT)

introofferLook what you get for just £40 (inc theory test fee)

Callums Done it !!!

Callum displays his test pass certificate

Well done Callum

It turned out to be roundabout heaven for Callum, who passed his driving test today at Chorley test centre. A great, controlled drive with some nice words from the examiner at the end.

Callum took his driving lessons in Radcliffe, Bolton and Bury so was prepared to take his test anywhere. Chorley test centre can be tricky due to the exceptional number of roundabouts that can come up on any given test. None of which phased Callum.

A massive well done from everyone at GDT especially your instructor Graham, hope to see you soon for some motorway driving.


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