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Congratulations Natasha – passed her driving test in Bolton

Another driving test pass in Bolton

Well done Natasha

Congratulations to Natasha Dunn who passed her driving test today at Bolton Test Centre.  Natasha had her driving lessons in Bolton and Atherton.

Well done from Graham and stay safe but most of all enjoy Uni !!!!

Jenny passes her driving test in Bury.

Passed Driving test in Bury

No photo available

Congratulations to Jenny who passed her driving test in Bury today. A fantastic drive with some really tight roads showing great car control. Hope to see you soon for some motorway driving.

For extra info Jenny had most of her driving lessons in Bury, along with the occasional visit to Bolton.

Well done Jenny from your instructor Graham

Congratulations Sarah !!! You’ve passed your driving test in Chorley

Sarah after apassing her driving test in Chorley

  A shy Sarah !!

Congratulations to Sarah who passed her driving test earlier today at Chorley Test Centre with just 2 errors !!!!

An examiners compliment is also a bonus “One of the smoothest left reverses he can remember”

Well done Sarah !!!!!

Amies Passed !!

Driving test pass bury

CONGRATULATIONS to Amie who passed her driving test today at Bury Test Centre.A great drive leaving the examiner smiling.

And we have to say less errors than a certain somebody :>)

WELL DONE Amie now go and enjoy Uni life ……. Graham

Anthony passes his driving test first time !!

Passed Driving test in Rochdale

Congratulations to Anthony Oakley who passed his driving test with GDT.

After having driving lessons with a prior instructor Anthony started his lessons again with Graham, and after just a few weeks passed his driving test in Bolton at the very first attempt.

Well done from all at GDT and stay safe on the road

Well Done Lee

Lee passes driving test in Bolton

Well done Lee

Well done to Lee Barlow who passed his driving test first time at Bolton Test Centre.

Lee now joins his partner Kimberley in the GDT hall of fame !

Hope to see you soon for some motorway driving. All the best from Graham

Careless Driving Just Got Serious

Middle lane hogger

Middle lane hogger

On Friday August 16th there are a number of new driving laws that will come into effect that will undoubtedly cause much confusion and debate.

New powers have been given to the police to allow them to give on the spot fines for offences that have up to now had to go through the magistrates courts etc.

Much has been said about “middle lane hogging” on the motorway, and quite rightly too as this quite simply is lazy driving. If you are not overtaking or about to overtake another vehicle then you should be moving over to the left hand lane. However these new laws take in far more than just this one offence.

The legislation also covers those caught doing handbrake turns, wheel spins, forcing their way into an orderly queue of traffic, ignoring a ‘lane closed’ sign and getting into the wrong lane at a roundabout.’

However, in cases where there is no victim, they will be offered the opportunity to take a ‘driver awareness course’, costing roughly £100.

If they take this option they will avoid points on their licence plus an increase in the cost of their insurance premium.

Read below for a more detailed list of the new offences and their punishments !

Endorsable (includes points) fixed penalty notices rising from £60 to £100 include:

  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Motorway offences, eg reversing on the motorway and driving on the hard shoulder, hogging the middle lane.
  • Neglect of traffic directions, eg jumping a red light
  • Neglect of pedestrian rights, eg stopping on a controlled crossing
  • Load offences, eg causing danger of injury to the number of passengers due to an unsecure load or articles in your vehicle.
  • Motorcycle offences, eg carrying more than one passenger.
  • In situations where the owner of a vehicle fails to identify the driver when an offence was committed, the fine will rise from £120 to £200 and points will be imposed. Where someone is caught driving without insurance, they will be fined £300, and increase from the current level of £200.


Non endorseable (no points) fixed penalty notices rising from £60 to £100 include:

  • Failure to wear a seat belt
  • Using a vehicle without a test certificate.

 Non-endorsable (no points) fixed penalty notices increasing from £30 to £50 include:

  • Neglect traffic regulations, eg as failing to give way
  • Negligent use of motor vehicle, eg not being in full control
  • Vehicle registration and excise licence offences, eg failing to display a tax disc
  • Motorway offences, eg stopping on the hard shoulder
  • Vehicle in defective condition, eg dirty and obstructed windows
  • Neglect of pedestrian rights, eg driving elsewhere than the road
  • Lighting offences, eg misuse of head lamps
  • Noise offences, eg sounding the horn at night
  • Carrying too much weight on board
  • Cycle and motorcycle, including cycling on the footpath and not wearing protective headgear.

Now you cant say you weren’t warned, Dont get caught out, don’t let your friends and family get caught, feel free to share this post below.

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Insurance premium reduced in 12 weeks !

Letter from insurance reducing premiumCongratulations to Jenny !!!!

Jenny who after passing her driving test in April this year, has already proved to her insurance company that her driving is so good they have reduced her insurance premium by over £150 !!!

Although this is great news for Jenny, it also shows that at GDT we don’t just teach to pass the test but prepare you for all the pitfalls and problems after test, doing our utmost to make you the safest driver you can be.

So well done to Jenny keep up the good work !!!!!!

Would you like to learn to drive and then reduce your insurance premiums in 3 months !!!!!!

CALL 01204 265055 or 07772843239

GDT welcomes Forever Bury to its Community Support Scheme.


Forever Bury Logo

Forever Bury

GDT are now working in partnership with “Forever Bury”, whereby any  member’s of “Forever Bury” who wants to pass their driving test and requires driving lessons can now claim 10% off all our driving packages (except Platinum) as stated on our web site.


Forever Bury came into being during the dark days of 2002 when Bury Football Club were in administration, with the very simple aim of trying to keep the club alive.


Since then they have become a whole lot more, and you can find out all about the society, the events they hold, and much more here on our new website. You can also find details of how to join the society yourself and to help make a difference to your local football club. Why not visit their web site to find out much more about the fantastic work they do in support of Nationwide club Bury FC. forever bury web site


Any Forever Bury Members who already thinking of learning to drive should call 01204 265055 or 07772843239 and quote “Forever Bury” on the initial booking.


Good luck not just to Forever Bury but to the whole of Bury Football Club from all at GDT for the forthcoming season.

If you are a member or know of any community group who would also like to offer a discount on our driving packages click here

Near Miss

When overtaking a slow moving vehicle ensure that it is safe to do so, this includes checking that there are no other road users emerging out of any side roads. Unilke this driver who was within inches of causing a major accident involving three vehicles. (Me, Him and the black car)

Parking laws to change ?

Traffic Enforcement officer gives ticket on double yellow lines

Changes ahead ?

So the government are “looking into” allowing road users to park on double yellow lines if the stay is for less than 15 minutes ?

The main reason stated for the above change in regulations is to boost trade on the high st, allowing for quick stops to call into shops, which in theory is a good idea for supporting businesses.

Surely though we have to look at possible road safety issues, as why did they put the original double yellow lines down in the first place ? Will it stop pedestrians young people, old people you name it crossing between these “short stay” parked vehicles? Somehow I don’t think so.

Double yellow lines are in the main currently placed on roads with a heavy work load and help to ease congestion, how on earth will allowing 15 minutes grace relieve this congestion? The evidence for this can be seen by taking a look at the early morning, mid afternoon school runs. Parents park their cars for sometimes a lot less than 15 minutes in legal places, but it still causes congestion and hold ups throughout towns up and down the country.

Imagine 8:00am in the morning and 2-3 drivers stop to pick up their daily newspaper on a busy junction, and are followed around by a HGV who cannot pass due to road width and oncoming traffic.

Although in theory it may sound a good idea, I personally cannot see this really working in the real world, but as we know not too many politicians actually live in the real world, so undoubtedly some form of change is likely to be imminent.

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Full story here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23488437

Neesha passes first time !

Neesha passes her driving test first timeYet another first time pass for GDT, Neesha passed her driving test first time at Bolton Driving Test Centre.

A massive congratulations from your instructor Sharon, along with the rest of us at GDT.