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Laura passes her driving test in Bury

Laura with pass certificate

Well done Laura

Congratulations to Laura, who passed her driving test earlier today at Bury Test Centre.

A great drive showing all the hard work practicing with dad would pay off.

Congratulations from everyone involved with GDT, especially your instructor Graham

Claire Passes her driving test in Bury

Claire with pass certificate


A massive congratulations to Claire who passed her driving test this week with GDT. Claire took her driving test in Bury, and passed with flying colours much to her own amazement.

No more one, one, one,one, wiggle , wiggle (Dont ask :>) )

Well done from all at GDT especially your instructor Graham

Jenna passes driving test first time in Bolton

Jenna displaying pass certificate

Well done Jenna

Congratulations to Jenna (Bolton) who passed her driving test first time this week with GDT. Jenna took her driving lessons in Bolton and surrounding areas culminating in a fantastic drive and a full driving licence, along with some nice complimentary words from the examiner at the end.

Jenna made her initial enquiry in March this year to start her lessons on her 17th birthday in April, with the ultimate goal of passing within just three months. We missed this target by just one week, however this all goes to show with a bit of planning and dedication to the task in hand passing your driving test doesn’t have to take months and months.

Well done Jenna from your instructor Graham.

After her test Jenna left us this message

Passed my driving test yesterday with Graham! Absolutely over the moon! He managed to accommodate my awkward lesson times and 3 hours a week so that i could pass as soon as possible! 3 and a half months later and I’ve passed first time and i’m on my way. I always had a great time on my lessons with Graham, I managed to learn an awful lot in such a short space of time while having fun and a laugh with Graham as well! I would recommend Graham a million percent! Thank you so much Graham and all of the team”

Becca’s Passed !!!!!

BEcc pic with car and certificate

Well done Becca

This time we say congratulations to Becca who passed her driving test at the very  first attempt today at Bury Test Centre.

Well done from Graham and everyone at GDT not just for the pass but for passing with a reverse around a corner as well.

Great result and congratulations.

GDT teams up with Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee logoFrom Saturday 8th March 2014  GDT customers can claim 10% off their drinks at Costa Coffee (Tesco, Bury branch).

Whatever your favourite coffee from Latte, Mocha to the eye-opening, keep you awake Cortado’s, they all now come with a 10% discount courtesy of GDT. !!!! All you have to do is present your GDT Platinum Members card when you pay at the till.

If you haven’t got a Platinum Members Card  just ask your instructor on your next lesson, they’re free !!!!!!! For full list of participating businesses click here

GDT Once again offering the “Best Value for Money” Driver Training in the North West.

Costa Coffee


Pubs on Motorways ?


Yesterday (21st Jan 2014) Wetherspoons opened up the UK’s first “pub” in a motorway service station. The Hope and Champion situated at junction 2 on the M40 serves alcohol from 9:00 am all the way through  to 1:00 am.

Now reading Twitter, Facebook and a host of other media opinions are divided as to whether or not this is a good idea.

Is giving a driver the option of consuming alcohol before he continues his 70mph+ journey onwards really a good idea, or should they be allowed to make their own choices.?
I must admit personally I can see both sides of the story and would never allow someone to be forced to make a choice as to what they can and can’t do. However should an accident happen directly due to the consumption of alcohol by a driver, any other people involved DID NOT CHOOSE to become involved. So I have to come down slightly in the realms of its a bad idea as some people succumb to temptation more than others.

Service stations on Motorways were initially put there to allow a driver to rest / freshen up before continuing there journey, and not as a place for recreation. Consuming alcohol will only enhance any tiredness and therefore negate the original reason for stopping.

On the flip side of the coin there is always the passenger, who is fully entitled to drink what he wants, when he wants, and should we really be penalising his options ?

So this story has opened in a blaze of glory, with as stated early with not too many people sitting on the fence and actually stating YES or NO as to it being a good idea.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so please post below any comments you may wish to share.

Leanne Passes her driving test

Leanne with driving test pass certificate

Well Done Leanne !

A massive congratulations to Leanne who passed her driving test today at Bury Test Centre.

Nerves were overcome, self doubt was overcome, culminating in fantastic drive and a full driving licence.

A massive congratulations from your instructor Graham along with everyone involved with GDT.

Leanne had this to say after her test.

Well what can I say ……. I didn’t think this day would come. I have had 2 previous instructors and never once enjoyed a lesson, due to my confidence and my skills of the car. I put a status on Facebook and a popular choice was Graham and I can see why. A fantastic instructor who made me enjoy my lessons and not want to cancel. He has a lovely way of teaching which worked well for me as he adapts for every individual. A great and friendly person who you can share how your week has been. Graham is also very flexible and even on Short notice. He even had hope after on one of my mock tests I took of The side of his trim 🙁 oh dear I was definitely embarrassed. If your thinking of driving, I would recommend Graham 100%. I am pleased to finish my lessons with Graham as it means I have a licence but will definitely stay in touch. Pass plus here I come Thanks for everything Graham X 

Advanced Stop Lines (Bike thingies at traffic lights)

Advanced Stop Lines (AKA Those funny bike things at traffic lights) Still not sure what we are talking about ? Have you ever approached a set of traffic lights and seen box at the front of the lights and thought aaaghhhh I mustn’t stop in there its just for cyclists ! Well you may be correct, or you may be wrong. And thats exactly why I thought I would write this short blog so as to remove confusion and enlighten you on the actual law behind them. MYTH – It is illegal for a motor vehicle to stop in the cycle box. The technical name for the box is “ADVANCED STOP LINE” The law actually states that you must not cross the first line you approach AFTER THE LIGHTS HAVE GONE RED. However if the lights were to change as you approach, and it is safe to stop at the second line whilst the light is amber then this is perfectly acceptable. FACT Crossing that first line after the light has gone red (stopping at the second line) is classed as jumping a red light and leaves you open to a £100 fine. Rule 178 of the Highway Code states:If your vehicle has proceeded over the first white line at the time that the signal goes red, you MUST stop at the second white line, even if your vehicle is in the marked area.




Well done Dean

Dean minutes after passing his driving test to become a driving instructor

Well done Dean

A massive congratulations to Dean Evans who passed his ADI Part 2 today in Bolton. Dean is currently training with GDT to become a driving instructor, and now just has his Part 3 to pass before he is fully qualified.

Just for the record ..

Part 1 Theory passed first time

Part 2 Driving Test – passed first time.

Part 3 – Begins ??????

Well done son, … It all helps when your dad is the instructor :>)

Janes only gone and passed her driving test !

Another driving test pass in Bolton

Well Done Jane

Congratulations to Jane, who passed her driving test today at Bolton test centre.

Jane took her driving lessons Bolton and Bury, culminating in this fantastic test pass in the early hours !!!!!!!!

Well done Jane from your instructor Graham and all involved with GDT

Well done Gaz !!

Gaz passes driving test - driving lessons Bolton

No photo available

Congratulations to Gaz Booth who passed his driving test recently at Bolton Test Centre. A great drive, rewarded with a full driving licence.

Gaz was prepared for his test by taking driving lessons Bolton and surrounding areas.

Gaz had this to say afterwards –

“i’d just like to say thank you for all your help and advise and for preparing me for the actual driving test, not only did you get me ready for the normal driving test but an extended driving test of 70 minutes which i passed with quite an ease and all in just over 4 weeks…. due to all your professional experience, help and support. i will be recommending you to all my family and friends” – Gaz Booth


Congratulations Adam – Passed his driving test in Bury

Passed Driving test in Bury

No photo available

Congratulations to Adam Turner who passed his driving test in Bury today !! It may have been a nervous start but who cares YOUVE PASSED YOUR DRIVING TEST. Adam took most of his driving lessons in Bury and Bolton. Well done from Graham and hope to see you soon for our Going Solo Package and motorway driving.