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Georgia passes first time

Georgia, Radcliffe passes her driving test

Well done

A fantastic drive, with a fantastic result for Georgia, passing her drivng test at the very first attempt at Bury Driving Test Centre.

Georgia took the bulk of her driving lessons in Bury and Radcliffe, so was fully prepared for anything the driving test could throw at her.

A massive congratulations from everyone at GDT especially your instructor Graham

Andrea passes first time

Well done Andrea

Well done Andrea

A massive congratulations to Andrea who passed her driving test at Bolton Test Centre. A fully deserved pass with a test that included two major roundabouts, Parallel Park and the Emergency Stop, three things that were on the “worry list”.

Andrea took her driving lessons in and around Bolton and Farnworth.

Well done from everyone at GDT especially your instructor Graham

SATS, GCSE’s, A-Levels and learning to drive.

Me.jpgWith another half term over and done with thousands of youngsters are now back at school and, if they are in Year 2 or Year 6, will be hitting preparation for their SAT’s with renewed vigour.

   Much has been made of standardised testing, that it’s more for the benefit of gauging the school and teaching abilities rather than the levels reached by children. Perhaps undue pressure is being placed on children; certainly no six year old should be crying because they worry about failing a test. However, a driving school blog is not the place to wax lyrical about the rights and wrongs of the English education system.

   That said, the spectre of teaching to the test, rather than simply educating pupils, is one that hangs over us driving instructors just as much as the primary and secondary school teachers. So trust me when I say teachers of the UK “we feel your pain”.

   Countless times I have heard that us instructors simply teach you how to pass your driving test. I don’t want to criticise my fellow instructors, but it’s true, some will take this approach; however, it’s short sighted, not to mention intensely dangerous. Your driving test is there to assess how safe you are on the roads – if you fail it is because your examiner believes you would pose a danger to yourself, and other road users, were you to be allowed to drive alone.

   Learning to drive is therefore much, much more than simply learning how to convince someone you have what it takes. Driving is more than the sum of boxes ticked on a spreadsheet and a combined score at the end.

   Like every instructor I want you to pass your test. Whilst charging you for every lesson does help pay my bills, I’d be a pretty terrible instructor if all I did was teach. At the end of the day you need to get out there and be able to do it on your own. However, I’d be an equally terrible instructor if all you had at the end of our time together was an ability to pass a test.

   I want you to leave the GDT car with that pass certificate in your hand knowing that you can drive. Confident in your own abilities that you genuinely have all the skills, knowledge and information at hand to be able to cope with the wide variety of different situations that are likely to be thrown at you throughout your time behind the wheel.

This is what all teachers want for their pupils and students – the ability to go out and function in the real world. To not just know what the answer is, but to understand why it is. We want to work to the speed of the person we are teaching, not to our own personal timeline, or an arbitrary one set by a governing body. Nobody learns well when the focus is purely on passing a test.

   If you let us teach you the way we know works, then you will pass.

Flirt, Smile, Manouvre

bolton driving school

Is this you at a junction ? Read on ………

Getting that all important pass is a huge step – and something that all learner drivers covet. Some people argue that it’s not until you pass your test that you actually learn to drive, of course, we’d dispute that; however, there are some realities of driving that may have passed you by whilst you still had the safety of the L plates to protect you.

As you become an experienced driver certain things will become muscle memory and automatic. We genuinely hope that doesn’t mean you’re any less alert, but instead that you feel more comfortable and confident in what you are doing. That means you’re also more likely to pay attention to other things that may have escaped your notice whilst you were worrying about biting points and clutch control.

One such reality of driving is the fact that you can seemingly wait for days before someone will let you out of a junction. All you want to do is get to work, all you have to do is get on to the main road, but first you have to find someone that is going to let you turn on to that busy road. Finding someone, during rush hour, that is in good enough a mood to slow down and let you out can seem like looking for the Holy Grail.

It’s one of those challenges that often doesn’t present itself until you are driving alone. The simple fact is that many of us are busy and often in a rush. Slowing down and helping out our fellow man (or woman) is not always on our list of priorities as we battle the school run or fight our way to the office. So how do you encourage someone to take a second out of their day to do you a favour? Well, how about this for an idea ?  try a bit of flirting :>) .

We’re not talking about winking, blowing kisses or anything as drastic but a nice bit of old fashioned eye contact and a cheesy smile won’t do you any harm. People behave differently when they know they are being watched, so if you are able to make eye contact with a fellow driver, they are statistically more likely to slow down and let you out. Equally, a smile will soften the heart of even the grumpiest driver who will no doubt reciprocate and feel obligated to be nice and helpful.

That said, some people do take flirting a touch too far and don’t use it to simply gain driving advantages when it comes to changing lanes are manoeuvring junctions. In a report conducted last year 41% of the 3,000 drivers asked admitted that they spent time flirting with fellow drivers when they should have been paying attention to the roads. A startling 15% had near-misses when it came to their flirtatious driving style.

It’s clear therefore that a bit of “common sense” is essential when it comes to the wink, smile, manoeuvre approach to driving. But what else can impact your ability to get let out when you need to? According to other reports if your car is particularly “flashy” you may find you have to wait longer than someone with a less ostentatious ride. Equally, if you do not look like you are paying attention then people are less inclined to stop to let you out, especially if they think it will take you a while to react.

Your best bet is to look alert (which you should be), lean forward (so that you look like you are ready to go) but do not actually edge out. Be visible, smile and acknowledge those who have taken the time to be kind.

Callums Done it !!!

Callum displays his test pass certificate

Well done Callum

It turned out to be roundabout heaven for Callum, who passed his driving test today at Chorley test centre. A great, controlled drive with some nice words from the examiner at the end.

Callum took his driving lessons in Radcliffe, Bolton and Bury so was prepared to take his test anywhere. Chorley test centre can be tricky due to the exceptional number of roundabouts that can come up on any given test. None of which phased Callum.

A massive well done from everyone at GDT especially your instructor Graham, hope to see you soon for some motorway driving.


Why choose GDT

Graham owner of GDT

Graham Evans (Owner GDT)

Choosing the right driving school can in someways be like finding a needle in a haystack. You will  undoubtedly have a whole range of questions you want answering before parting with your hard earned cash to a stranger, for example ?

1: Are they any good ? Well thats where you may have to do some research first. Anybody can tell you they are good, but are they really? The best way to find out has to be recommendations from other people or to look if they have had any reviews from previous customers. Obviously any one can create a review so they should be verified and if possible contactable.

Although the instructors pass rate is important, this can be a a bit of an ambiguous question as every one knows there are lies, more lies, and statistics. It really is easy to fiddle the figures to suit the situation.

2: How will I learn ? – Thats simple to answer choose us and we will teach you how YOU learn and not how we teach ? Everybody has their own learning style and it is our job to find out what yours is. If you arent taught how YOU learn, then you are likely to find it difficult and much more expensive.

3: How long will it take to pass my driving test ? – How long is a piece of string ? Learning to drive is a practical skill, and cannot be related to school and college A levels and GCSE’s (Do they still exist). eg We dont start in September and take the exam some 8 months later. The whole process takes, what it takes.  You can Google the question which will advise that for a brand new driver this will take around 45 hrs of professional training along with a further 20 odd of private practice.  However as I said earlier it takes what it takes, if we can get you their in less WE WILL. My promise to you is we will get you to test standard in as few hours as we possibly can. 


So why Choose GDT

1: We have a fantastic line of recommendations in fact 80% of our diary is filled with people who have been recommended to us from previous successful clients. If you visit our home page, at the bottom you will also see a large list of verified recommendations.

2: We will help you with every single aspect of getting on the road, in a way that no other driving school I know of will, we will help you.

  • Help you apply for your licence 
  • Give you online study for the theory test
  • We will book your theory test for you
  • When you are ready we will book your practical test for you 
  • When you pass you will be offered our unique package “Going Solo” to equip you with further skills Motorway, Busy Car Parks and loads more.
  • Once you have passed we will help you get the car you want via our 1stCAR partnership with LNK Motors, where you really can order the car you want !!!
  • When you pass we will also help you celebrate by giving you a meal at The Chinese Buffet (Who else will do that)
  • We will also give you a free hour of on the road driving advice, should you need it, to help you with your driving in the first 12 months of passing your driving test.
  • YOU will also be able to get a range of discounts with some local businesses with our once again unique to GDT Platinum Club
  • I almost forgot one of the most important things ! We are also really nice :>)


As you can see here at GDT we want you to have a pleasant experience in not only learning to drive, but for years of happy safe driving afterwards

Graham Evans (Owner ) GDT



T: 01204 265055 OR M: 07772843239

Andy passes first time 


Andy after his succesful driving test


A massive congratulations to Andy who passed his driving test at the first attempt recently at Bolton Teast Centre.

Andy took most of his driving lessons in Bolton with the odd foray to roundabout heaven in Chorley.

Even a glut of holidays didnt stop Andy from having the skills to easily pass his driving test. 

Congratulations from everyone at GDT especially your instructor Graham.

Anthony Passes first time 

 A massive congratulations to Anthony who passed his driving test first time. 

Due to the standard of driving before test we looked for a test centre that had some short notice availability. As luck would have it we found a vacancy at Chorley test centre on a Friday morning. And the rest they say is history.

Well done Anthony from all at GDT, especially your instructor Graham.

Jordan passed first time !

Jordan after his test in Bolton

Jordan after his test in Bolton

A second pass of the week as today we say WELL DONE JORDAN !!!!! You’ve passed your driving test at the very first attempt. A massive congratulations from everyone involved with GDT especially your instructor Graham.


Sarah’s gone and passed her driving test

Sarah shows off he pass certificate

Passed !!!

Feeling really proud today as Sarah passed her driving test with a fantastic drive through the delights of Heywood, and Fairfield. No parked vans freestyling !!! Giving the examiner an easy decision at the end.

Congratulations from everyone at GDT especially your instructor Graham.


What Sarah had to say after passing 

“What can I say? GDT has got to be one of the best driving schools if not the best in bury! I have just recently passed my driving test with my instructor Graham! He is lovely and one of the nicest, genuine, most patient man to have lessons with. I can honestly say without Graham I wouldn’t have passed and certainly wouldn’t have had the confidence to pass both my theory and practical tests. I’m definitely going to be recommending GDT to all my friends and family. I’m going to miss my lessons with Graham but looking forward to starting my motorway lessons in the next few weeks! Thank you for everything Graham!!!!!”

Nicole starts 2015 with a first time pass

Nicole displays her pass certificate

First pass of 2015

Perseverence and effort pais off for Nicole who passed her driving test at the first attempt earlier this month. Nicole took her driving lessons in Bury and subsequently gained her full driving licence using Bury Driving Test Centre.

A massive congratulations from everyone involved at GDT especially your instructor Graham

Third party ? Are you really covered ?

Driving Insurance

Are you covered

I recently started a new client, who after hearing his initial story made me stop and think a little as to how many people drive around in a car blissfully unaware that they are NOT insured.

I cant mention names etc however this new client came to me as somebody who had had their licence revoked due to accumulating six points on his licence within the first two years after passing his original driving test succumbing to the probation period regarding the “New Drivers Act”.

Gaining a new client for having the licence revoked isn’t anything new and happens far more than people think, normally though they have gained the six points due to speeding, mobile phone use or traffic light offences all of which tend to be £100 fines accompanied by three penalty points on the drivers licence.

This one though was different, which makes me think how many people have just got lucky! Our client had been awarded the full six points in one offence for driving without insurance, it sounds terrible but bare with me it’s not as simple as it sounds. He was driving somebody else’s vehicle and thought he was covered to third party status by his own insurance. Their policy stated that if over 25 years of age they were covered third party to drive any other Category B (Car) with the owners consent. The problem being our client was only 22 thus declaring this clause in his policy as void.

In years gone by it was common place to believe that your own insurance policy covered you to drive another vehicle (with the owners consent) to third party cover, however modern day insurance policies are vary wide and varied DO NOT NORMALLY OFFER THIS COVER AS STANDARD.


The moral of this story is, if you are currently sharing a car or have cause to drive another vehicle and you believe your own vehicle insurance is covering you third party CHECK YOUR POLICY NOW !!!!!!! as it is highly likely that you are not covered and are driving illegally. If you are stopped by the police or have an accident and are charged with not having any insurance the penalties are wide ranging

The police could give you a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 penalty points if you’re caught driving a vehicle you’re not insured to drive.

If the case goes to court you could get a maximum fine of £5,000 and or disqualified from driving

The police also have the power to seize, and in some cases, destroy the vehicle that’s being driven uninsured.

Now go check your insurance policy !!