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How to choose the right instructor for you

How to Choose the right driving instructor for you ?

Did you know every driving instructor is different ?

Did you know every driving instructor has the same goal ?….. (You passing your driving test.

It really is so important that you find the right instructor for you ? You need to find one that suits your learning style, personality and your actual learning style. Do you know what your learning style is ? Are you a note taker, do you like to watch and copy or maybe you just like being thrown in at the deep end and learn from making small mistakes. A good driving instructor will find this out and will adapt his or her method to suit yours,  remember its your lesson not there’s.

Four Tips to Finding the perfect driving instructor for you.

Tip #1
Check they are qualified to teach….

A green certificate in the windscreen is the sign of a fully qualified instructor

A pink certificate in the windscreen means the instructor is still in training

No certificate displayed ILLEGAL INSTRUCTOR !!!! WALKAWAY Do not under any circumstances give them any money.

Tip #2

Try and find some reviews from “passed” pupils. Also look for a variety of people and find one that tells a similar story to yours. (You can view ours below)


Tip #3

Don’t necesseraley choose your instructor on price alone. The cheapest may not be the best instructor for you, and neither could the most expensive.

Tip #4 Shop around if you find an offer that seems too good to be true, then you wll need to check the snall print. (Watch the video, and Graham will tell you the main one to be careful of)

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Mud, Gravy, rugby and Oscar !

Best Driving School In Bolton


Normally after any form of event I am quite quick at getting a blog post online for maximum impact and to stay current. However last Saturday we were involved in something quite special, to the extent it has taken a few days to digest how the day went.

A few of you may remember an auction we did on behalf of the Hoyles centre in Bury just before Christmas, one of the prizes was a sponsorship package at Sedgely Tigers RUFC. A prize I was personally delighted to win, as we had something special planned for it.

Anyway we chose the Tigers home game against Chester which took place in a mud bath last weekend (March 10th), in all honesty the  match, the result, the weather didn’t really matter. As you will know we support the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour charity ( http://www.joshwilson.org.uk/ ) whenever we can and had asked them to find us a family who would like to be our guests on the day……. And that’s where the magic happened.

We are treated to the company of 4-year-old Oscar who suffers from Leukemia and his mum Leann.  It really was remarkable to see such a young brave young boy, carrying on as if it was just another day. To say Oscar took over the day is a slight under exaggeration as Lynette (Mrs GDT) became his chaperone for the day leaving mum to have a bit of a well deserved rest. Me, I just let the two youngsters (Oscar and Mrs GDT) enjoy their day together, which I am sure the photographs will tell you, they had a ball.

Before the game we were treated by the fantastic Sedgley Tigers team to a fantastic meal where Oscar was adamant he was having chicken nuggets (not on the menu), but can you guess what he got ? After which he was shown how to unofficially drink gravy (straight from the boat), not too sure mum was watching at the time, but I am sure when he try’s it at home, we will find out and be in a bit of trouble.

After our guest of honour had taken over the table, conducted the raffle (which we didn’t win, even though Oscar gave his mums ticket a lucky dip in the gravy :>) ) It was playtime for Mrs GDT and Oscar, which included numerous selfies, a couple of facetime calls, we had to use facetime as Oscar didn’t actually want to stand with his mum and myself, preferring the company of Mrs GDT. I’m not too sure how much of the game they watched but it really did not matter, when you see the end of match photo with a rugby team caked in mud with the two bright gleaming SuperJosh hoodies of Oscar and Mrs GDT you will know why.

For this one day we had a sneak preview into the works of The SuperJosh charity, and what they must do on a daily basis for children with serious illnesses etc, proving what an awesome decision it is to support them when we can.

Will we do it again ? We have more involvement throughout the year planned, so just watch this space.

Finally I must give a massive thankyou to :-

Sedgley Tigers RUFC http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/sedgleyparktigers

Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity http://www.joshwilson.org.uk/

Oscar and Leann for giving us a fantastic day.

Driving School Bolton



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Call yourself a driving instructor !

bolton driving schoolYes I do actually  …………..But thats just some of the polite comments lots of driving instructors are getting now, due to one of the major changes to the new driving test.

Welcome to our latest post in our mini series of blogs aimed at the new driving test which is coming into operation on the 4th Decemeber.
Have you spotted a number of driving school cars doing things that look a little odd ?  Or maybe thought ““what are you teaching that for ? That’s wrong and dangerous  ” 
Well you’ve probably seen a driving instructor covering one of the new sections of the new driving test.


In their ultimate wisdom the DVSA, the guys who create, monitor and conduct the driving test, have decided its time to add pulling over on the right hand side of the road to the driving test.

50-50 split

Now this  pulling over on the right hand side of the road has divided driving instructors across the country as to should it be in the driving test ? is actually safe to carry it out etc ?
I can’t actually say I am against it, although I’m not too sure why it has to be so added to the driving test.
Let me just clarify for you what is actually required for the driving test.
  • The examiner will ask the pupil to find somewhere “safe” to pull over on the right.
  • They will then be asked to reverse back 2-3 car lengths.
  • Once the reversing I completed they will be asked to drive away safely and join the traffic.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhPxvbcGH3s[/embedyt]

Why this is now one of the new reversing manoeuvres is anyone’s guess, but it’s what the DVSA have added so we have to ensure that the manoeuvres is carried out to their exact specifications.
So can I ask that when you see a driving school car parked on the wrong side of the road, reversing, and then driving away, please, please don’t think that the instructor is doing anything wrong, they are just making sure that the learner driver is able to complete the task safely and in accordance with what is expected of them on their driving test.


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Elisha celebrating her driving test pass

Elisha’s Passed First Time

Elisha celebrating her driving test passThe two of us had a very early start this morning, however it was well worth the effort as Elisha nailed her driving test at the very first attempt at Bury Test Centre, joing her sister in the Get Driving Today first time pass club.

Elisha took her driving lessons in Bury, Radcliffe with the odd visit to Bolton, fully preparing her for not only the driving test but any future driving she does.

Congratulations from everyone at Get Driving Today

If you want to be one of the next people to pass their driving test, then why not give us a call 01204 265055 or txt 07772843239, or send us a message with the orange messenger icon on the right hand side of the screen.

Catrina passes with ease

bolton driving school


A massive congratulations go out to Catrina who passed her driving test at the first attempt at Bury driving test centre. To say you didnt expect it was an undertatement. Have confidence in everything you do and you will reap the rewards.

Thanks for being a perfect client and stay safe on the road.

5 tips to passing your driving test first time

  lplatesLearning to drive and passing your driving test is one of the big milestones in anyones life. Its up their with your wedding day and other memorable occasions. So it’s really important you get it right, and start off in the best way possible. Thats why we have created this blog post to give you what we believe are the five best tips to passing your driving test first time. There’s never any guarantee’s to passing first time, but you can take certain steps to help it happen and give yourself that added edge on test day. 



You may be forgiven for thinking that all driving instructors are the same ! However you couldn’t be any further from the truth. Every driving instructor that you see on the road whether its us at Get Driving Today, Joe Bloggs or even BSM and the AA, we are all individual self employed instructors. Some of us are nice and friendly and some of us aren’t (just like in every walk of life really).

So how do you know which one is right for you ? Now this is the most important decision you will make, so take a little time with it. Gel-ing with your instructor means you will learn more, learn faster, and more importantly learn faster. Imagine spending £100’s of pounds with an instructor you didn’t get on with, or even hated ? You would not look forward to lessons, probably cancel them, and end up just packing in learning to drive just because you didn’t take a little care in selecting the correct instructor for you. [sociallocker id=”6841″] 


Lets get one thing straight right away , Learning to drive is not cheap ? There is no point in starting to learn and then realising its more expensive than you thought and packing it all in having no licence, and having wasted some money on those original lessons. I need to be honest with you now ! You need to budget a minimum thats a minimum of £1000 to be able to learn to drive from scratch with any driving school. I say minimum for many it can cost more, and for some it can cost less.

You may find a cheap instructor that doesn’t mean that the total cost of lessons will be any cheaper in the long run. Spending an extra £ or two on lessons could potentially save you £100’s in wasted lessons. 



Passing the theory test at the earliest opportunity can make your driving lessons easier to understand. The theory test sets out the basics of understanding the road and its rules. It really isn’t a case of passing the theory test and then forgetting about it. Study for it, pass it, then USE IT !



Although we understand this isn’t always possible, but if you get the chance to practice then go and practice, over and over again. We have a saying at Get Driving Today ….

“Don’t practice until you get it right, practice until you can’t get it wrong”

Remember any accompanying driver MUST be over 21 and have held a full driving licence for three years. They must also adhere to all the rules any driver has to eg no mobile phones or distractions

When you do go out driving take different routes, don’t keep doing the same journey this can be dangerous as you will start to take everything for granted.


  1. TAKE THE TEST WHEN YOU ARE READY Here’s a fact for you “NOT EVERYBODY PASSES FIRST TIME” There I’ve said it people fail driving tests. However those that do pass first time are either very lucky or have been fully prepapred for the practical driving test.

Think ! Is their anywhere you don’t like driving, if there is then you are not ready for your driving test. If your driving instructor is helping and guiding you in the two weeks before test ask yourself “Am I ready for my test” because I can guarantee you that the examiner will not be helping you.

Here’s another FACTUAL saying

“Nobody has ever passed their driving test because they had too many lessons, however many have failed because they didn’t have enough “

Pass your driving test with confidence and call the Get Driving Today team on 01204 265055 or 07772843239



Break the speed limit at your peril

Ok – Hands up who has broke the speed limit recently? even if its only by a couple of miles per hour.  Now I am guessing if you drive you have answered the question with either a definite yes or a reluctant yes even if it was accidently.

Well that little accidently could now cost you quite a bit of money and or a hefty fine, points on your licence and possible a driving ban, as from Monday April 24th new laws came into operation changing the penalties for speeding. 


I hope you have now noted that doing over 40 in a 30mph are could see you receive a ban of between 7 and 28 days ? That’s not including the fine that will follow. 

The fining system has also got a little bit more serious especially for the worst offenders who could see them being fined 150% of their weekly income ? So a more means tested fine rather than a standard figure that some would rather just pay and drive a bit faster.


Although their is a standard range the magistrates are also being given the powers to either increase the fine to the higher end or decrease the fine depending on the circumstances surrounding your offence. For example if your offence was compounded by poor driving conditions or previous offences then they can increase the fine to the upper limits detailed above. However the fine could be brought into the lower regions should you be able to prove exceptional circumstances (family emergency) or have a previous exeplary record.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have found this useful.



Ryan passes first time (twice)

ryanA massive congratulations to Ryan who aced his driving test at the first attempt, along with passing his theory first . All going to prove that if you put the effort in the rewards come thick and fast.

Ryan joins his brother Jordan in our hall of fame, proving lightning does strike twice as he matches his brothers first time pass with Graham some five years ago.



“”Lightening strikes twice , thank you GDT both of my boys passed 1st time after having lessons with you.
You adapted to their needs , personalities and helped them gain confidence, knowledge and skills to ensure they was ready to pass their test. My eldest passed 5 years ago and is an excellent no claims driver and its all thanks to Graham and his team.
From supporting you with special offers, supporting you with your theory, booking tests and after test/ advanced support.
You could not get a better driving instructor to get you on the road. SIMPLY THE BEST “




Sara celebrates her pass

Sara passes first time

Sara celebrates her pass


A massive well done to Sara who passed her driving test at the very first attempt recently at Bolton Driving Test Centre. A fantastic drive with very few errors saw Sara go home with a full driving licence. Sara took all of her driving lessons in Bolton so was fully prepared for her driving test. Proving hard work and perseverance gives the end result everyone wanted.

The pass was also great news for Sara’s partner Gareth who instantly used his new taxi service for a trip to the pub. What better reason to learn to drive.

Well done from everyone at Get Driving Today and stay safe.


Wow! Lauren passes first time


Well done Lauren

A busy test week for us this week and for the second day running we are celebrating another successful driving test. This time we are saying congratulations to Lauren who passed her test at Bolton test centre.

Lauren put a superb drive together for the examiner culminating with a happy trip home with her full driving licence. Lauren took her driving lessons in and around Bolton and Farnworth and was thoroughly prepared for her test.

That just about completes the set for the family with both Laurens mother and sister both passing their driving test with GDT.

Driving lessons bolton, driving lessons bury

What on earth is a Smart Motorway

Smart Mway showing use of hard shoulder and speed restrictions

Smart Motorway

Lots of you will be aware of the extremely large amount of roadworks currently occurring on the regions main Motorway the M60 and onto the M62 towards Rochdale. Well unless you have lived in a box or a just simply blissfully unaware of any goings on they are changing it to a “Smart Motorway”

So what on earth is a “Smart MotorWay”

A smart motorway uses technology to actively manage the flow of traffic. The technology is controlled from a regional traffic control centre. The control centres monitor traffic carefully and can activate and change signs and speed limits. This helps keep the traffic flowing freely, using the hard shoulder at busier times to help keep the traffic flowing.

Smart motorways increase the capacity of the road, without the expense and hassle of widening the road, by either temporarily or permanently opening the hard shoulder to traffic. 

Beware of the RED CROSS

No, not the international aid charity, they do fantastic work. We are talking about a Red Cross above your lane. IF this displays on a Smart Motorway then you must move out of that lane as soon as it is safe, if you don’t then you risk a fine.

Watch your Speed.

Smart Motorways are monitored 24×7 and are aware of not just traffic accidents but also the weight of the flow of traffic. So depending on incidents and traffic flow the speed limits will change accordingly, so please don’t fall into the trap of the speed limit yesterday was 70, so it must be 70 today, an inicident or a busier time of day may change this limit.

Its dead easy to find out the speed limit as this will be clearly displayed on the many overhead gantries, so there will be no excuses for exceeding the current limit








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