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Sound Physique Bury

Gill Ridings

Claim a FREE initial treatment and then 10% discount off any further treatments with Gill at Sound physique.

Sound Physique provide a large range of pain-free, non-invasive, diet and weight loss control treatments, including Ultrasound liposuction and Ultrasound facelifts. Their clinic in Bury also provides nutrition and fitness advice.

Ultrasound frequency is clinically proven to brake down the fat cell wall releasing fat into the blood stream. The body then filters 70% it through the liver and lymphatic system. The final part of the treatment uses radio frequency which builds new collagen tightens the skin and brakes down cellulite and imperfections. The result of the treatment is you loose inches. Guaranteed or money back! I also use the radio frequency to perform amazing non surgical face lifts which smooths fine lines and wrinkles.

Call Gill today quoting GDT to claim your FREE initial treatment 07769 158892

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