motorway You’ve passed your Driving test and are now ready to take the biggest step, “GOING SOLO” driving on your own without your instructor sat next to you. For some this can be as nerve wracking as the test itself, but REMEMBER its why you started to learn to drive in the first place, to gain your independence and be able to drive to places without the need for public transport and relying on others etc.


On your lessons we covered all the basics etc, however due to time along with financial and legal limitations we simply couldn’t cover everything.

Our “GOING SOLO” package is exclusive to GDT and has been designed to fill in the gaps between passing the test and being confident to take on some of the more challenging aspects of driving.


The package includes a minimum of 4 Hrs driving (Can be split in to 2 x 2 Hrs) and includes

  • 2 Hrs Motorway Driving
  • Eco Driving
  • Busy Car parks e.g multi-story)
  • What to do at the Petrol Station
  • Breakdown Procedures

Cost £120