Rachels passed her driving test


Rachel and Graham’s test pass selfie

We are rightly proud of all those that pass their driving test with us, however human nature says some are just that bit extra special. As this was when Rachel passed her driving test in Bury recently. I am not going to go into detail as to why as Rachels own words in her review of us says it all. 

What i will say is if you want something enough, then hard work, patience and perseverence are essential to reaching your goal, and that’s exactly how Rachel came home on test day with a full driving licence and a car waiting outside.

Well done Rachel, I know you will stay in touch and enjoy your driving now the test pressure is off.

Rachel said

“I spent 8 years trying to learn how to drive, I went threw many driving instructors and none suited me, I suffer with bipolar disorder and severe anxiety and this makes it difficult for me with new people in new situations but then I came across GDT and graham made me feel comfortable straight away, he was relaxed and completely understanding when I explained my condition and this put me at ease. It was a very long journey from me starting with Graham about a year and a half and he never once gave up on me or lost his enthusiasm for the lessons in fact he did everything he could to make things as comfortable as he could for me. There isn’t possibly a way I could express how grateful I am to graham for being such an amazing instructor and I know if it wasn’t for him I would not have gone on to pass my test. I would highly recommend GDT to anybody looking to start driving as I have done many times already, in my opinion Graham goes above and beyond for everyone he teaches and this is what makes him and GDT so special!”

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