Parking laws to change ?

Traffic Enforcement officer gives ticket on double yellow lines

Changes ahead ?

So the government are “looking into” allowing road users to park on double yellow lines if the stay is for less than 15 minutes ?

The main reason stated for the above change in regulations is to boost trade on the high st, allowing for quick stops to call into shops, which in theory is a good idea for supporting businesses.

Surely though we have to look at possible road safety issues, as why did they put the original double yellow lines down in the first place ? Will it stop pedestrians young people, old people you name it crossing between these “short stay” parked vehicles? Somehow I don’t think so.

Double yellow lines are in the main currently placed on roads with a heavy work load and help to ease congestion, how on earth will allowing 15 minutes grace relieve this congestion? The evidence for this can be seen by taking a look at the early morning, mid afternoon school runs. Parents park their cars for sometimes a lot less than 15 minutes in legal places, but it still causes congestion and hold ups throughout towns up and down the country.

Imagine 8:00am in the morning and 2-3 drivers stop to pick up their daily newspaper on a busy junction, and are followed around by a HGV who cannot pass due to road width and oncoming traffic.

Although in theory it may sound a good idea, I personally cannot see this really working in the real world, but as we know not too many politicians actually live in the real world, so undoubtedly some form of change is likely to be imminent.

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Full story here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23488437

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