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Highly Commended as GDT in 2015

After a few comments and questions from other driving instructors recently, I thought what better way to answer those questions than put this little blog post together which will hopefully answer a few questions.

Q: You’re just a driving instructor why are you entering Business Awards?

A: Because I run a business and it’s nice to know I’m getting something right. 

Q: Why do you write blog posts?

A: Because I want to, it really is that simple, its like a hobby.

Q: Why do you post so much business stuff on facebook

A: Because I can :>)

Q: Why don’t you just do the usual stuff and stop making yourself more hard work.

A: Because it’s a challenge and I like to be a bit different, after all as the saying goes if you don’t change anything, nothing changes.

“All in all I suppose I’m a bit of a narcissist” – Graham Evans 2016 


Why do I enter the awards?  why do I do this ? Why do I do that ? etc. There is a simple answer …… because I actually enjoy the business side of things and quite simply I want to. I’ve been asked about why do I do so much “extra” for our customers when there isn’t a financial gain and our diaries could be filled with customers without these add-ons anyway.

Of course I could take the easier option and simply follow the natural order of things e.g. phone rings > I teach them to drive > they pass their test, then the phone rings again and it’s a nice tidy little circle. Which to be fair is fine of that’s what you want to do. Me? I just like to do things a bit differently re-invent wheels etc quite simply because it’s fun.

If I can find an extra benefit for my customers that won’t cost them a penny, then why shouldn’t I. I know I could sit back let the phone ring and teach people to drive, pass their test and move on. If I did that I think I’d eventually end up doing something else.

So that’s why? I do hope it answers some of the questions.

Graham -Chief blog writer, driving instructor, owner of Get Driving Today and head narcissist.


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