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So you want to teach people to drive ?

What a fantastic choice of career. Please take a look at the menu below to find our all about how to become a fully qualified driving instructor. If you like what you see and think, “YES THATS ME !” And would like to be involved with an award winning driving school, then you really need to get in touch with us.



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    Do you want a change of career ? Maybe thought of becoming a driving instructor covering Bury and Bolton ? We are proud to be able to offer complete training packages, to help you become a fully qualified driving instructor. Once qualified we would be more than happy to welcome you into the Get Driving Today family. 

    Why not give us a call 01204 265055 and see how soon you could start with us.

    • Self motivated
    • Patient and friendly
    • Have an interest in road safety
    • Be able to adapt to different people in different situations
    • Work well one-one with at times challenging individuals.

    If you think you fit our person specification above then please click on the next tab, and find out what is involved in becoming a driving instructor.


    The road to becoming a driving instructor although very rewarding cannot be said to be easy. Your driving instructor training will be split into three sections to match the three qualifications.7

    **Please note you will only be allowed THREE attempts at Parts two and three of this process. Should you be unsuccessful on threeoccasions on either part, you will have to wait until your theory expires and start the whole process again.


    You will have to pass a very thorough theory test, to ensure you have the requisite knowledge of not only driving and road safety but the basics of teaching and the skills involved.


     Now you have the theory out of the way, you will have to pass a driving test again. It’s very similar to your original driving test, however we are not looking for a learner driver, but a polished experienced driver who can handle any given scenario with calmness and proffesionalism.


     The final test, and “where the fun begins” You will now have to have a minumum of 40 hour’s of 1-1 training we dont do team training unless you think it would help you specifically, and we can then “buddy you up” with another trainee

    Once you have completed the minumum 40 hours of training, if you have met the minimum standard you can appy for a “PINK” TRAINEE LICENCE, whcih means you can start to practice what you have learned so far on some real learner drivers. 

    Once both you and your trainer are happy with your progress it’s time to take that all important final qualification test which is having a senior DVSA examiner on the back of one of your lessons and assessing that lesson to see if it meets the standards set out by the DVSA.

    Once you have qualified we will offer you a place with Get Driving Today and become part of our family of instructors.



    Bury Driving Instructor Graham EvansThen contact us NOW on 01204 265055 or 07772843239 or (fill in the small form at the bottom of this page) for a no obligation chat, where we will be only too happy to meet up with you to answer any questions or concerns you mave about the whole process. This will also give you the opportunity to meet us and find out what makes us tick, before you make that final decision.

    Only after this meeting will we ask you for a deposit of £99 which goes directly towards your training and acts as a commitment from yourself.

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