Keep the Keys Free refresher lessons - A no brainer for worried parents.

When you pass your driving test it’s the greatest feeling in the world, you’ve got your independence and can now go where you want, when you want. Imagine loosing all of that ?

Did you know from the day you pass your driving test you are given a two year probation period. Meaning that if you accumulate more than 5 points on your driving licence in those two years you will have to take both your theory test and practical test over again.

At Get Driving Today we want you to stay safe and keep your keys and enjoy driving for life. Which is why we have introduced our “Keep the Keys” add-on for all of our pupils. 

How many times have you heard someone say, “You’ve passed your test, now go and learn to drive”. In a way this is very true. What you have to be careful of is getting into bad habits, you no longer have the nagging of your driving instructor to keep you on the straight and narrow and those habits can easily creep in. Some habits are ok, however some habits can cause you to do things that can add points to your licence and in some cases make you a dangerous driver.

Fantastic for parents.

Here’s our promise

If you pass your driving test with us we will give you one free hour per year for the probation period.

Yes you read that correctly there is no charge from us, to assess your driving again and offer you some hints and tips to get your driving back on track.

Its a no brainer, so if you are a parent and worried about your off springs errant driving simply give us a call and let us do the rest. You may have recognised your driving is a little erratic, why not give us a call and take advantage of our expertise and get you back to driving in a comfortable and safe manner. 

So if you want to “Keep the Keys” then take advantage of this unique to “Get Driving Today” FREE DRIVING LESSON

If you pass your driving test with us we will give you one free hour per year for the probation period.

Please note this does not  include any new driving situations eg Motorway driving or Going Solo packages