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Whats your ideal car ? You’ve passed your driving test? So now what do you do with your new found skill?

Its time to get a car and get on the road and make the most of your new found freedom, because lets be honest this is the exact reason you started driving lessons in the first place.

The next few steps you take are probably as important as the one you took when you first decided to learn to drive. You will undoubtedly have a million questions, concerns and queries.

  • What Car do I want?
  • Where can I get it?
  • Will it break down?
  • Will it be reliable?

The GOOD NEWS is GDT have linked up with LNK Motors to help you through these massively important steps, and the even better news, all this extra help we will give you comes absolutely FREE as part of your Platinum Club membership. Read below for what we can now offer you, you may need to sit down because YOU WILL NOT GET THIS FROM ANY OTHER DRIVING SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY!!!!!

Remember because you chose GDT as your preferred driving school everything detailed below is absolutely FREE to you as part of our Platinum Club.


 No doubt you currently know what your ideal car will be,  for example ……

 “When I pass my driving test I want a white Vauxhall Corsa, it will need to be cheap to insure though?”

 NO PROBLEM!!!!  LNK Motors will start by helping you source the exact car you require down to the colour and number of doors and engine size.

 Prices starting from as little as just £80 per month (That’s equivalent to just £20 per week).

We know insurance is expensive so we specialise in low group insurance cars to keep that extra cost to a minimum.

And EXCLUSIVELY TO GDT  CUSTOMERS (Just show your Platinum Card) When you take delivery of YOUR new vehicle you will get all of the following :-

  • FREE FULL tank of fuel or 6 months road tax
  • FREE 12 months FULL Warranty with Warrantywise (The No1 Warranty Cover in the UK)
  • FREE 12 Months AA Breakdown and Recovery (Take away the worry of a breakdown)
  • FREE Bluetooth headset to keep you legal
  • FREE Set of Quality car mats
  • FREE Winter Car Care Pack
  • FREE Summer Valet Pack
  • FREE Family Pass for the Village Health Club

To get the ball rolling fill in the form below and tell us what car you are thinking of purchasing.