CT Bear Learns to drive

We have an extra special guest this week, as CT Bear joins us for a week in his quest to learn to drive. And even better news is the fact he has asked if he can blog is activities to help him remember his learning. Who am I to stop him, so enjoy and dont forget to check back daily to find out what he’s been up to.


Day One – Tuesday 4th November 2014

Check your using the correct screenwash
11:00 am- CT bear gets introduced to the basic controls of the vehicle ….. Instructors comment “I think we may have a height problem here.
CT Bear learns the controls


2:00 pm after a hectic morning it’s time for a quick spot of lunch and some decent coffee, Grahams taken me to Costa for a treat.
Grahams Missus has disappeared so we are pinching a quick selfie

Grahams Missus has disappeared so we are pinching a quick selfie

5:00 – I’m shadowing Sarah this evening , she’s going to show me how driving at night is different from driving in daylight.


Day 2 – Wednesday 5th November

9:30 and before I can start driving I have to do my safety checks. Today Graham has told me that to be legal I must have at least 1.6mm tread on my tyres, however if I let them get that low then I may not stop as quickly as I think , so Graham recommends changing them at 3 mm.


Tyre check done 1

Tyre check done 1

12:00 : the driving is going really well, and my confidence is improving. Although Graham has had to nag me for not checking my blind spot before I move away, I really don’t want to kill a cyclist, but I just forget sometimes. Here’s me making a little extra effort to checking that damned blind spot.


Blind spot checks improving !!


8:30 pm – there’s no rest when learning to drive, I’ve got to study for my theory test. In using Theory Test Pro as its free for me as I’m learning with Graham at GDT.

Day 3 (Thursday 6th November)

10:00 am Nobody told me I had to make this thing go backwards, and around a corner too, how on earth am I supposed to do that. I’m sure there’s a point to this reversing around a corner but not sure why, but Graham says I’ve got to learn how to do it, so i’d better get on with it. OMG and now he tells me he wants me to look out of the back window as well. sometimes there’s just no pleasing some people, apparently its because that’s the way we are going.. pffffffft. And to rub salt in the wounds because im only little and cant see properly out of the back window he’s made me sit on a cushion :>(

CT Bear sat on cushion

Sat on a cushion really :>/


14:00 – Go me, Go Me, I’ve just sat in the back of Beths driving test, I was placed there secretly so as to make sure the examiner didn’t cheat (So Graham says anyway), What a privilege it was to see somebody actually pass there driving test, although she did get the “easy” manouvre the Turn in the Road sssshhhhhhhh (I’m not allowed to call it a three point turn)

17:00 After a hard afternoon, reversing round corner, after, corner, after corner, I think I’ve satisfied Graham, although I think my neck is double jointed :>) … Ive got the evening off so Im going to go online and see all the nice messages that have been left for my friend Super Josh.

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