Cheaper driving lessons in Bury, Bolton and Radcliffe

Driving School In BuryWe know that when you search google for driving lessons near you , that you can see a whole host of driving schools, instructors etc and it can be a minefield understanding the offers available.

There are lots of introductory packages about, who then hike the price after to recoup there losses etc. Read our blog post on how these offers work.

Here at Get Driving Today we want you to get the best value for money possible ! Which is why we give you the chance of saving money on every lesson you take with us, and not just the first few.

All you have to do is prepay your lesson by just 24 hours and we will give you 10% discount off our standard in-car hourly rate.

Its really easy to prepay your lesson as we accept all of the following methods.

  • Card payments over the phone
  • Card payments in-car
  • Bank Transfer
  • Via this web site
  • Or simply pay your instructor one week ahead on the lesson before.


Driving Instructor Training In Bolton

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