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Catrina passes at the first attempt



A mini crisis before her driving test couldn’t stop Catrina easily claiming her driving licence at the first attempt recently at Bury Test centre. Proving that you should always trust your driving instructor, Graham being the only one confident of the pass beforehand. Fantastic shocked faces afterwards from both Catrina and Mum are what this job is all about.

Well done from everyone at Get Driving Today and see you soon for our Going Solo package for a day out to include some Motorway driving.


” I found Graham after an unfortunate experience with another driving instructor, who left me feeling extremely anxious about the prospect of driving. However, Graham immediately put me at ease with his relaxed and humourous nature, and let me take driving at a pace that I felt comfortable at, but at the same time, boosted my confidence to allow me to have faith in myself. It is with his help and support that I passed both my theory and practical tests first time. I would highly recommend Graham to anyone learning to drive, but particularly to those who aren’t as confident. I will look back at learning to drive with fond memories, of the many laughs we shared and the increased confidence I felt that I didn’t think would ever be possible for me! “

If you would like to copy Catrina then please give us a call and get yourself on the road
01204 265055 or 07772843239


We are a trusted driving school

Two reviews from ex pupils who after driving lessons Bolton passed their driving testWe know choosing a driving instructor or driving school isn’t an easy process. They can all “blow their own trumpet” but what do their previous customers have to say ?

Here at “Get Driving Today” we are extremely proud of the comments and reviews we have from pupils that have passed their driving tests with us. So please take a little time to scroll the list below and read as many of the comments you wish.

All of our comments and reviews are 100% verified and from real people who have passed their driving test with us.

Everything is not what it seems

[clickToTweet tweet=”A great article making sense of those ‘too good to be true ‘ Cheap driving lesson offers #dontbelievethem” quote=”10 lessons for £99, Guaranteed Pass I am sure you have seen these offers and thought Wow! What a great deal !  but are they what they seem ? “]The simple answer is no ! Read this article which should make things a little easier to understand.


CAVEAT EMPTOR !!! Lots of you will have heard this before, a lot of you will know what it means, for those that don’t it translates into one of the most important sayings you could think of when choosing the right driving instructor in Bolton, Bury and surrounding areas. Caveat Emptor – “LET THE BUYER BEWARE”

Beware of what ?

There are so many different instructors out there, some are  multi car national driving schools, some are multi car local driving schools and some are single car driving instructors. Each of these are all trying to get you to join them and part with your cash with the goal of getting you your driving licence. 

Let me now simplify things a little bit for you, whether you choose a national driving school, or a multi car local driving school, your driving instructor will be a self employed local driving instructor working for him or herself. This industry does NOT employ driving instructors.

Have you tried Googling a driving instructor in your area for example “driving instructor bury “or “driving instructor Bolton” ? If you have you will receive in return 10’s of pages of driving instructors. Just because they are on page one of google, does not mean they are a better instructor than someone on page 10, it just means they are better at some techie stuff or are happy to spend money on getting onto that lucrative page, to find the right instructor for you then delve into some of those later pages, a couple of extra mouse clicks or screen taps could save you quite a bit of your hard earned cash.

You will have no doubt seen many offers to entice you to choose a particular driving school, and this really is where THE BUYER NEEDS TO BE AWARE ………lets take a look at just a couple of them

10 lessons for £99 

On paper and easy on they eye, this looks an absolutely fantastic offer, who wouldn’t want 10 hours of lessons for just £9.90 each. Before making that call and speaking to one of the nicest people you could want to talk to (this is unlikely to be your instructor and they are trained to get you signed up), check the terms and conditions first. 

This tends to be how your 10 hours for £99 looks in reality.

  • First two hours
  • Two further hours after 12 hours of full price lessons
  • Two further hours after 30 hours (What if you didn’t need this many hours)
  • Two hours on test day
  • Two hours of your PASS PLUS (after you have passed) (You will have to pay at least £100 to claim the other 4 hours of the PASS PLUS.
    All the hours and lessons taken in between these “£99” hours will be charged at full price.

So looking at the above does it now look as tempting an offer as it did originally ? If it still looks good to you, then please save some cash and go and book it.


Hey if someone can guarantee you can pass your driving test, they are either lieing, or are bribing an examiner. Nobody can take into consideration what happens on test day. However if you still fancy this offer then once again give them a call, but I would recommend getting that guarantee in writing.

So my warning to you before choosing any driving instructor be they a national school, multi-car local school or a solo driving instructor would be ;

  • Read between the lines of any offer
  • Check the small print
  • Ask to speak to your actual driving instructor, to see if you actually like him over the phone, if you don’t “click”over the phone you certainly won’t click in the car.

If you would like more information on how to find the right driving instructor for you there’s a great email guide here. “FIND THE RIGHT INSTRUCTOR FOR YOU”

Walking Tall Again


mibba2016_finalistMilliken, East Lancs Railway, The Mill Gate Shopping Centre, The Bury Black Pudding Company, all of which I am sure are recognisable names to the people of Bury additionally their names are recognised across Lancashire. Now what on earth could this small Bury driving school have in common with them? Quite simply Get Driving Today can now hold its head high as it sits alongside them as a finalist in the Made in Bury Business Awards AKA MIBBA’s.

So how do we manage to get this small Bury based driving school to stand tall with some of the biggest names in the world of “Bury Business”. I would like to think it’s because of two things

  1. the passion we have to you, our customers in getting you not only a driving licence and becoming safe drivers but as in a lot of cases, friends for life. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we are still in contact with so many of our old customers in our day-day lives.
  2. We are always looking to do something different for our customers for example our Going Solo Package, 1stCar, Keep the Keys Policy along with other “out of the norm” extra’s.

For us its quite simply more than just getting people to pass their driving test, its about becoming more confident and getting a sense of achievement in reaching life goals. Of course we want you to pass your driving test (and you will). But the last thing I want is for  Get Driving Today to be simply a test passing machine that is forgotten after test day.

This will be our third year in attendance at the awards dinner, in 2014 we reached the final 6 (RRG Toyota / Nissan were the winners) followed in 2015 where we came second to Cartime and gained the “Highly Commended” accolade, can we go one step further in 2016 ? We will find out on 1st December, what a way that would be to kick off the Christmas period. 

Fingers crossed and here’s to December







Near Miss

When overtaking a slow moving vehicle ensure that it is safe to do so, this includes checking that there are no other road users emerging out of any side roads. Unilke this driver who was within inches of causing a major accident involving three vehicles. (Me, Him and the black car)

Dangeorus game to play at a pedestrian crossing

I remember when Monopoly and Ludo were popular with kids on Autumn / Winter evenings. I certainly wouldnt recommend allowing your children to play this game DANGEROUS !!!!!

Close to loosing my front end !!

Strange how people drive in the snow !!! Take a look at this idiot overtaking in icy conditions, with another vehicle approaching.

Blink and you will miss it !

Amazing what some people use their car for, even I am not sure if this is legal, it certainly should be !!!!

Red Light Runner

Can you see what the 4×4 does wrong ?

Mirrors Mirrors Mirrors

By far our most viewed video, with almost 1000 views on Youtube.

Regular mirror checks are essential for safe driving, imagine not seeing this guy as you think about overtaking a cyclist.


Watch closely as the speeding car approaches us on the wrong side of the road !!

Dangerous undertake

Crazy “foreign” HGV driver with a double trailor undertakes us whilst on a driving lesson in Bolton