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Samantha’s passed

Look who’s passed their driving test at the first attempt ? Yes Samantha’s gone and passed her driving test.

A pleasure to teach, enjoy your new car and stay safe.

Simon passes with flying colours

simonA massive well done to Simon who passed his driving test earlier today with a fantastic drive at Bury Driving Test Centre. After taking his driving lessons in Bury Simon was fully prepared for his driving test.

Congratulations from everyone at GDT especially your instructor Graham (Who can now have his Friday evenings back).


Mel passes her driving test

Mel displays her pass certificate outside Bury test centre

Congratulations Mel

A massive GDT congratulations to Mel on passing her driving test recently in Bury. A fantastic drive with some nice words from the examiner after the drive.

We all hope you enjoy your new found independence and save a whole heap of money on taxi’s

Mel took her driving lessons in Bury, Cheetham Hill and Whitefield, fully preparing her for her practical driving test.
Enjoy your driving and stay safe.

Driving Instructor Training Bolton, Bury and surrounding areas.

Me.jpgHave you ever thought about becoming a driving instructor ? Then its time to stop thinking and get the job you want.



To ensure the quality you expect from GDT We have teamed up with one of the most highly respected driver trainers in the North West in Tony Pearson.

Bolton based Tony has many years of instructor training under his belt and has successfully trained many of the driving instructors plying their trade around Bolton, Bury and around the country too.

Once qualified we will guarantee you a position within our driving school taking all your business worries away.

  • Let us find your pupils
  • Let us help with your advertising
  • Let us help with your on going training
  • You will be part of a team
  • Let our office take your calls and add to your diary
  • Card payments taken on your behalf
  • Lots of extra’s for your pupils to take advantage of.

MIBBA_Logo.pngDeliver the Dream.
Have you ever seen the smile on someone’s face when after some blood sweat and tears they pass their driving test, there’s only one better feeling and that’s the feeling you get when its actually you that has taught the person to achieve their dream.


t: 01204 265055 or 07772843239

Or simply fill in the form below and we will call you back.

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Driving instructor training Bolton | Driving Instructor Training Bury | Driving Instructor Training Radcliffe

Wow! Lauren passes first time


Well done Lauren

A busy test week for us this week and for the second day running we are celebrating another successful driving test. This time we are saying congratulations to Lauren who passed her test at Bolton test centre.

Lauren put a superb drive together for the examiner culminating with a happy trip home with her full driving licence. Lauren took her driving lessons in and around Bolton and Farnworth and was thoroughly prepared for her test.

That just about completes the set for the family with both Laurens mother and sister both passing their driving test with GDT.

Driving lessons bolton, driving lessons bury

What on earth is a Smart Motorway

Smart Mway showing use of hard shoulder and speed restrictions

Smart Motorway

Lots of you will be aware of the extremely large amount of roadworks currently occurring on the regions main Motorway the M60 and onto the M62 towards Rochdale. Well unless you have lived in a box or a just simply blissfully unaware of any goings on they are changing it to a “Smart Motorway”

So what on earth is a “Smart MotorWay”

A smart motorway uses technology to actively manage the flow of traffic. The technology is controlled from a regional traffic control centre. The control centres monitor traffic carefully and can activate and change signs and speed limits. This helps keep the traffic flowing freely, using the hard shoulder at busier times to help keep the traffic flowing.

Smart motorways increase the capacity of the road, without the expense and hassle of widening the road, by either temporarily or permanently opening the hard shoulder to traffic. 

Beware of the RED CROSS

No, not the international aid charity, they do fantastic work. We are talking about a Red Cross above your lane. IF this displays on a Smart Motorway then you must move out of that lane as soon as it is safe, if you don’t then you risk a fine.

Watch your Speed.

Smart Motorways are monitored 24×7 and are aware of not just traffic accidents but also the weight of the flow of traffic. So depending on incidents and traffic flow the speed limits will change accordingly, so please don’t fall into the trap of the speed limit yesterday was 70, so it must be 70 today, an inicident or a busier time of day may change this limit.

Its dead easy to find out the speed limit as this will be clearly displayed on the many overhead gantries, so there will be no excuses for exceeding the current limit








Offers, Bargains – Everything is not what it seems !

Buyer Beware !!! Let us help you understand some of those too good to be true introductory offers

buyerbeware10 lessons for £99, Guaranteed Pass I am sure you have seen these offers and thought Wow! What a deal I’ll have a bit of that…. But are they what they seem ? 

CAVEAT EMPTOR !!! Lots of you will have heard this before, a lot of you will know what it means, for those that don’t it translates into one of the most important sayings you could think of when choosing the right driving instructor in Bolton, Bury and surrounding areas. Caveat Emptor – “LET THE BUYER BEWARE”

Beware of what ?

There are so many different instructors out there, some are  multi car national driving schools, some are multi car local driving schools and some are single car driving instructors. Each of these are all trying to get you to join them and part with your cash with the goal of getting you your driving licence. 

Let me now simplify things a little bit for you, whether you choose a national driving school, or a multi car local driving school, your driving instructor will be a self employed local driving instructor working for him or herself. This industry does NOT employ driving instructors.

Have you tried Googling a driving instructor in your area for example “driving instructor bury “or “driving instructor Bolton” ? If you have you will receive in return 10’s of pages of driving instructors. Just because they are on page one of google, does not mean they are a better instructor than someone on page 10, it just means they are better at some techie stuff or are happy to spend money on getting onto that lucrative page, to find the right instructor for you then delve into some of those later pages, a couple of extra mouse clicks or screen taps could save you quite a bit of your hard earned cash.

You will have no doubt seen many offers to entice you to choose a particular driving school, and this really is where THE BUYER NEEDS TO BE AWARE ………lets take a look at just a couple of them

10 lessons for £99 

On paper and easy on they eye, this looks an absolutely fantastic offer, who wouldn’t want 10 hours of lessons for just £9.90 each. Before making that call and speaking to one of the nicest people you could want to talk to (this is unlikely to be your instructor and they are trained to get you signed up), check the terms and conditions first. 

This tends to be how your 10 hours for £99 looks in reality.

  • First two hours
  • Two further hours after 12 hours of full price lessons
  • Two further hours after 30 hours (What if you didn’t need this many hours)
  • Two hours on test day
  • Two hours of your PASS PLUS (after you have passed) (You will have to pay at least £100 to claim the other 4 hours of the PASS PLUS.
    All the hours and lessons taken in between these “£99” hours will be charged at full price.

So looking at the above does it now look as tempting an offer as it did originally ? If it still looks good to you, then please save some cash and go and book it.


Hey if someone can guarantee you can pass your driving test, they are either lieing, or are bribing an examiner. Nobody can take into consideration what happens on test day. However if you still fancy this offer then once again give them a call, but I would recommend getting that guarantee in writing.

So my warning to you before choosing any driving instructor be they a national school, multi-car local school or a solo driving instructor would be ;

  • Read between the lines of any offer
  • Check the small print
  • Ask to speak to your actual driving instructor, to see if you actually like him over the phone, if you don’t “click”over the phone you certainly won’t click in the car.

If you would like more information on how to find the right driving instructor for you there’s a great email guide here. “FIND THE RIGHT INSTRUCTOR FOR YOU”


Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Helens passed

Helen showing off her pass certificate with car awaiting to be driven away


Patience, perseverence all came to fruition today for Helen, who took a trip to Bury test centre and came home with a full driving licence after passing her driving test.

Congratulations from everyone at GDT Enjoy your driving and stay safe.

Here’s what Helen had to say about her “GDT Experience”

See the bottom of our home page for more verified reviews.

Abby passes first time ! 

Abby and Graham celebrate a a first time pass

A massive congratulations to Abby, who passed her driving test at the first attempt today at Bolton Test Centre.

A great drive with a strange finish, but still coming home with a full driving licence.

Abbi took her driving lessons in and around Bolton to fully prepare her for the practical test.

20 mph zones ? let’s be sensible

20 MPH sign

Like the title says 20 MPH limits have a place but let’s be sensible about them.

No doubt you will have noticed a whole host of new speed limit changes around recently, with lots of roads and whole area’s being reduced to 20 mph.

Opinion is divided greatly on whether or not the change to 20 mph has any real impact on road safety. In many cases the speed has been reduced due to to many drivers exceeding the speed limit with a disregard for the 30 mph speed limit, so I would ask why would these same people now take notice of a 20 mph sign, it all seems a little pointless. Or maybe it’s just me being a little cynical.

If you want to reduce actual speed surely it would be more logical to put in bollards, and chicanes and narrow the road, putting a new sign up, really is a pointless exercise.

Don’t get me wrong I am not against 20 mph zones in area’s where more caution is required, for examples school’s and area’s with a high risk of accidents etc but a blanket restriction just because it’s in a residential area I don’t personally think is a good idea and a waste of money from already cash strapped councils.

20_When_lights_show.jpg20 WHEN LIGHTS FLASH

Have you seen this sign recently ?

Now here’s a good idea, reduce the speed outside schools at the start and end of each school day, now that’s common sense.

If the lights are flashing you should find a crossing patrol (lollipop person) in the immediate vicinity so take care.

Once you have passed the school you will not get a 30 mph sign telling you to speed back up, just ensure you are well clear of the school and carry on on your merry way.


For those living  in Bury take a look at this page telling you the idea behind all the speed limit changes along with a check as to when area’s will be changing http://www.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=11303 

Thanks for reading – and don’t forget to visit often for further blog posts.

Drews’ done it !

Drew celebrates his test pass

Well done Drew

Well done Drew who passed his driving test recently at Bury test centre. A great drive paying off as he wen’t home with a full driving licence.

Enjoy your car (if dad moves his out of the way) and stay safe.


Jill’s passed her driving test

A well deserved smile

A well deserved smile

A massive congratulations to Jill who passed her driving test recently with the help of GDT. A thoroughly deserved pass, with Jill overcoming a stressful morning before the test, coming home with an almost perfect drive but more importantly a full driving licence.

Well done Jill from everyone here at GDT especially your instructor Graham