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First time pass for Sian

sianWe recently said goodbye to Sian, in the best way possible of course and that’s by getting her to pass her driving test at the first attempt.

Sian took the bulk of her driving lessons in Bury and Ramsbottom, fully preparing her for her driving test at Bury Test Centre.  

All that is left to say is well done, congratulations and stay safe on the roads.

After her test Sian was good enough to leave us this fantastic review 

“Passed my driving test today with Graham and I have to say he is an absolutely fantastic instructor who I would recommend him to anyone! He did everything that he could to make me feel at ease in the car and was so supportive through the whole process. When I first got into his car I didn’t have any confidence in myself, but thanks to Graham I now know that I can drive and that anything is possible! Such an amazing team and the best driving instructor out there…anyone and everyone should use Get Driving Today!

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Celebrate your success on us !

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PassnBowlAt Get Driving Today we know you have a wide choice of instructors and driving schools to choose from so we are always looking for that little bit extra to offer you as a thank you for choosing us.

Passing your driving test is one of lifes goals you can strike off your list. So let us help you celebrate getting your driving licence with your friends and family with this exclusive freebie.

As a thank you for choosing “Get Driving Today” to learn to drive with, once you have passed your test we will send you and up to five friends bowling at AMF Bowling, The Rock Bury. No catches, no gimmicks. Just a great big thank you for choosing us.

keep your eyes open for even more added extra’s.



AMFbowling-logoTerms and Conditions

  • Must be pre-booked directly with AMF Bowling (Bury)
  • Must be booked 24 hours in advance.
  • Get Driving Today must have authorised your booking beforehand (You won’t be able to book without our confirmation)

Ashleigh passes in Bolton

Ashleigh8x6Congratulation today go out to Ashleigh who passed her driving test with as near to a perfect drive as you can get.

All of that is great news for mum who can finally have a lie in every morning without having to take Ashleigh all the way to Salford for work.

Congratulations from every one involved with Get Driving Today. 

Niamh proudly shows off her driving test pass certificate

Another pass see’s Niamh get her driving licence.

Niamh proudly shows off her driving test pass certificate


Congratulations go out this time to Niamh who recently passed her driving test at Bolton driving test centre. Dedication and perseverance paid off for Niamh as she came home smiling and more importantly with a full driving licence.

How good is that feeling not only passing your driving test but knowing there’s a car waiting for you outside the house when you get home.

Here’s what Niamh had to say after her driving test

“Most amazing driving instructor! Graham passed me quickly and taught me how to drive safely on the roads not just how to pass my test! Couldn’t imagine doing my lessons with anybody else!

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Whats more important that text or your licence ?

Is this you ?

Imagine passing your driving test and then having to do it all again just by checking or sending a single text message !

Sounds a little bit dramatic don’t you think ?
Well from the 1st March this year (2017) that is exactly what will happen if you are caught by the police using your mobile phone.

Yes on the 1st March the law changes on the use of mobile phone whilst driving from 3 points on your driving licence and a £100 fine to 6 points on your licence and a £200 fine. So to the new driver still within the two year probation period it will mean that they will have their licence revoked on the FIRST offence, meaning they will have their licence taken off them. If they want their full driving licence back they will have to :- 

  • Apply for their provisional licence again
  • Pass the theory test again
  • Pass the practical test again.

for the full licence holder with a clean licence, just two offences would see them tot up their 12 points and more than likely will be banned from driving for up to 12 months.

So what constitutes an offence, the law states …. “It is illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving” You Can only use your mobile phone when safely parked, which means being in a safe place to park with the engine off (this doesn’t include the Stop/ Start functionality found on newer cars and the handbrake must be on. So for those who think its ok to check their phone while at traffic lights or sat in queuing traffic, i’m afraid that doesn’t count and is still deemed an offence.

I would expect a serious crack down on this offence once the new law comes into play on the 1st March, so why not get into the habit of turning the phone off, putting it out of reach or at least investing in a good 100% handsfree car kit.

Thanks for your time and stay safe

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Danielle’s passed


Congratulations Danielle

A massive congratulations to Danielle who passed her driving test at Bury test centre recently. A great drive with some great words from the examiner afterwards.

The pressure was on for this test, not for Danielle but for her instructor Graham with dad being an ex police driver and grandad a police driver trainer, Graham couldn’t go letting the side down could he.

To save Grahams blushes she put together a fantastic drive, taking home her full driving licence with “black pudding” wairting out side the house to drive away. (Don’t ask about the name of the car !!!

Well done from everyone at Get Driving Today stay safe and enjoy your drivng

Another Award for Get Driving Today

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awardpicFor the third year running we punched well above our weight and made it to the Made in Bury Business Awards (MIBBA’s) final three in the “Best in Class – Motoring and Transport” category.

After last years “Highly Commended” award, we once again coming home with one of the top awards receiving the commended status.

I have posted recently as to why we choose to enter these awards, as sometimes it is seen as just something for the bigger major players in the town. Well, this year saw many winners from the small business community proving that quality can easily overcome quantity when it comes to customer service in many walks of business life.

But Why the MIBBA’s and not other awards ? This is an easy answer for me, as such a small business the work and time that has to go into a single entry means it really is only feasible to do one entry, else we wouldn’t get any actual “paid work” completed. The MIBBA’s though have become almost like a family affair we have many good friends from across the Bury Business Community who some will see as competition, maybe they are but we don’t have to be enemies do we ?

What does winning mean ?

That also is an easy answer, this isn’t just a facebook competition where you get your friends to click “like” and the winner is the one with the most friends. This is a competition where you are judged by some of the heavy weights in the Bury Business community. Getting to the final three of such a competition really does boost the ego, builds the brands name and gives you that little push to something different in the next year to do even better if possible at the following years awards.

So what have we got planned for 2017 ? You will just have to wait and see but be assured we have something up our sleeve.

Thanks for reading and here’s to fantastic 2017

Graham Evans



Sara celebrates her pass

Sara passes first time

Sara celebrates her pass


A massive well done to Sara who passed her driving test at the very first attempt recently at Bolton Driving Test Centre. A fantastic drive with very few errors saw Sara go home with a full driving licence. Sara took all of her driving lessons in Bolton so was fully prepared for her driving test. Proving hard work and perseverance gives the end result everyone wanted.

The pass was also great news for Sara’s partner Gareth who instantly used his new taxi service for a trip to the pub. What better reason to learn to drive.

Well done from everyone at Get Driving Today and stay safe.


a proud millie displays her test certificate

Millie’s passed first time

a proud millie displays her test certificateWhat better way to improve a wet. cold and miserable Monday morning in November than passing your driving test first time! That’s exactly what Millie did.

Millie took her driving lessons in and around Bury fully preparing her for a first time pass at Bury Driving Test Centre. Well done from every at Get Driving Today and stay safe.

Bury Driving Instructor Graham Evans

The Narcissistic Driving Instructor


Highly Commended as GDT in 2015

After a few comments and questions from other driving instructors recently, I thought what better way to answer those questions than put this little blog post together which will hopefully answer a few questions.

Q: You’re just a driving instructor why are you entering Business Awards?

A: Because I run a business and it’s nice to know I’m getting something right. 

Q: Why do you write blog posts?

A: Because I want to, it really is that simple, its like a hobby.

Q: Why do you post so much business stuff on facebook

A: Because I can :>)

Q: Why don’t you just do the usual stuff and stop making yourself more hard work.

A: Because it’s a challenge and I like to be a bit different, after all as the saying goes if you don’t change anything, nothing changes.

“All in all I suppose I’m a bit of a narcissist” – Graham Evans 2016 


Why do I enter the awards?  why do I do this ? Why do I do that ? etc. There is a simple answer …… because I actually enjoy the business side of things and quite simply I want to. I’ve been asked about why do I do so much “extra” for our customers when there isn’t a financial gain and our diaries could be filled with customers without these add-ons anyway.

Of course I could take the easier option and simply follow the natural order of things e.g. phone rings > I teach them to drive > they pass their test, then the phone rings again and it’s a nice tidy little circle. Which to be fair is fine of that’s what you want to do. Me? I just like to do things a bit differently re-invent wheels etc quite simply because it’s fun.

If I can find an extra benefit for my customers that won’t cost them a penny, then why shouldn’t I. I know I could sit back let the phone ring and teach people to drive, pass their test and move on. If I did that I think I’d eventually end up doing something else.

So that’s why? I do hope it answers some of the questions.

Graham -Chief blog writer, driving instructor, owner of Get Driving Today and head narcissist.


Collette’s passed !! 

Collette poses with Graham after passing her driving test in Bury

Well done Collette

Well done Collette ! you’ve passed your driving test. Shall I say that again because I don’t think you believe it YOU’VE PASSED YOUR DRIVING TEST.

As you openly admitted tears and tantrums were quite regular but you never gave up. Proving that perseverance is the key.

A massive congratulations from everyone involved with Get Driving Today.

Gemma’s passed first time. 

gemma displays her pass certificate

A massive congratulations to Gemma on passing her driving test at the first attempt.

Gemma took her driving lessons in Bolton and various surrounding areas to ensure she was more than prepared for what the driving test could throw at her.

Well done from everyone at Get Driving Today and stay safe.