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If at first you dont succeed ..

“Get Driving Today – adding another award to our “Officially the Most Trusted Independent Driving School 2018  – SME News.”


As a local boy – born and bred in Bury (Radcliffe to be precise) – I’ve always been supportive of local businesses and charities. Setting up my driving school ‘Get Driving Today’ – based primarily in Bury and Bolton – is something I’m proud of. Entering the local awards a few years ago seemed the right thing to do.

We first entered the MIBBA’s 5 years ago and have taken home an award (or three) every year. This year was different! Ohwe took home an award but somehow it felt better!
Why is this year any different? Well, the awards have grown – massively. Originally entered by smaller growing businesses it is now extremely competitive and entered by much larger well-established businesses. The kudos of ‘winning’ has grown. The level of entry has soared, and the competitive edge is razor sharp. The winner of our category also took home Best in Class – Large Business!

It’s a long awards procedure, from entry in early July to interviews in September, with a judging panel consisting of 5 leading business owners. 10 minutes to showcase your business and why you think you should win! Sweaty palms time. Only 6 businesses get through from entry to judging day, so for hard fought categories it’s an achievement to get that far. These 6 are whittled down to 3 for the actual awards night.

On judging day you need to be a little bit ‘inventive’ so I took Brian – our chimpanzee mascot. On a normal working day he’s sat on the dashboard, next to the dashcam. I spruced him up, dusted him off and rolled him out. For those that know me – you’ll get the Brian thing!….. For those that don’t feel free to ask.

Get Driving Today were ‘officially’ the smallest business to take home an award at MIBBA 2018

So, at Get Driving Today I’m proud that we were there in the very early stages. I’m gobsmacked that we’ve taken home another award this year and yes, we’ll be there next year. I wanted to shout about it. – Why not …

Get Driving Today
COMMENDED : Best in Class Motoring and Transport
Made In Bury Business Awards  – MIBBA

Was I disappointed in not winning? In all honesty yes, but only because I feel that committed to Get Driving Today and what we’ve accomplished over the last 11 years. I am without doubt over the ‘piggin’ moon with our award. The recognition of what we’ve achieved (so far), the lives we change by getting our learners through their test, is the best feeling in the world.

Why we’re different – we specialise in working with learner drivers suffering from stress and anxiety, and we care.

  • We specialise in working with people who suffer from anxiety, stress, dyspraxia etc. If you’ve had a bad experience in the past with a driving instructor don’t give up.
  • If you have a driving licence but don’t drive because you lack confidence, had a bad experience or just want a refresher – we can help.
  • No one is a lost cause where Get Driving Today is concerned. You may have decided that – another driving instructor may have told you that – but you haven’t met us yet!

If you know anyone who has struggled in the past with driving lessons because their anxiety has taken over, then get in touch with us today – Tel 01204 265055

We DO make a difference and we CAN help.

“The first time I met Graham I told him I would never be able to drive. I’d had a few instructors a good few years ago who’d told me it was a lost cause and really believed it myself”. James Inman
James suffers with severe dyspraxia and passed with Get Driving Today in September 2017. Read James’s full review – nothing says it better than a satisfied customer.

Now – bring on 2019 and that entry form. MIBBAs 2019 we’re coming to get you.


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FREE UNLIMITED theory test practice.

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Award Winning Driving School

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Certificate showing Get Driving Today winning the Most Trusted Independent Driving School in Bolton and Bury

The Most trusted independent driving school in Bolton and Bury

You know that ping you hear, when an email hits your inbox? You know the one that makes you think who’s selling me something, and you think you should ignore it because it will be 10 seconds of your life wasted while you put it in your “trash”.

Guess what? That’s what happened to me yesterday, “ping” it went, am I glad I didn’t just resign it to the trash folder, you’d better believe it.

It was one of the UK’s online SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) online magazines, who just casually informed me ………. We had been named ……

“The Most Trusted Independent Driving School in Bolton and Bury 2018”


I must admit to being taken aback, taken aback that much I was looking for the scam behind it and contacted some of my renowned business advisors to try and authenticate it. Anyways its only gone and turned out to be totally kosher and Get Driving Today are now the proud owners of the title “MOST TRUSTED INDEPENDENT DRIVING SCHOOL IN BOLTON AND BURY”

Even this morning I was still a little gobsmacked as to how it all can about and what the criteria was in winning. So, we asked SME BUSINESS what it was all about and how it was judged…….

In terms of how your selection came about, we have an in-house research team here at the publication whom are responsible for the selection process when it comes to our programs. Our SME Business Elite awards are merit based rather than nomination based, and our team looked at a variety of different factors when determining our winners for each category.

 For this program our team considered factors such as; previous accolades won, company performance over a given period of time, influence within your industry since inception, client testimonials or recommendations and recognition/community involvement within your region. As a digital publication, our team also place significant weight on a firm’s digital presence, such as how a brand utilises their own social media, whether that be through the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter, through a company blog or even simply through a news section on the website that’s updated frequently with latest news and statistics.

 So, I have to say a massive thankyou to SME NEWS, for the award, and who knows what the rest of the year holds, watch this space.


Cheaper driving lessons in Bury, Bolton and Radcliffe

Driving School In BuryWe know that when you search google for driving lessons near you , that you can see a whole host of driving schools, instructors etc and it can be a minefield understanding the offers available.

There are lots of introductory packages about, who then hike the price after to recoup there losses etc. Read our blog post on how these offers work.

Here at Get Driving Today we want you to get the best value for money possible ! Which is why we give you the chance of saving money on every lesson you take with us, and not just the first few.

All you have to do is prepay your lesson by just 24 hours and we will give you 10% discount off our standard in-car hourly rate.

Its really easy to prepay your lesson as we accept all of the following methods.

  • Card payments over the phone
  • Card payments in-car
  • Bank Transfer
  • Via this web site
  • Or simply pay your instructor one week ahead on the lesson before.


Driving Instructor Training In Bolton

Would you like £500 #WeWinYouWin

Win £500 every week in conjunction with Bury Business Draw


No Joke, quite simply if #wewinyouwin

Recently we became one of the latest members to purchase tickets for the weekly
Made In Bury Business Draw.  It’s a great opportunity to win £2,000 every week and I’m hoping that it may be me sometime very soon.

However, as I’m a jolly decent bloke, (jolly and decent), I’d love to be able to share it with YOU!

How can you potentially get your hands on some of my winnings? Well I’ve got to win it first of course, but the odds are fantastic and all my digits are crossed and crossed again, just in case. You could be in with a chance of a share, should I win, I’m going to donate £500 to one lucky recipient.

So, if you are the person that has engaged the most with all of our social media accounts facebook, Twitter and Instagram in that same week, you will receive £500 cash! How good would that be ?  In the meantime, like, share, engage – oh and keep your fingers crossed too. The power of positivity may just mean it could be us next week!

Here are your accounts to follow, share, retweet etc.

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The weekly winner will be the individual who shares / likes/ retweets the most posts between 9:00 am every Wednesday through to 6:00 pm the following Tuesday.

If you follow Made in Bury on facebook watch out for our numbers being drawn which are :-

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Only posts that we have posted after 9:00 am this morning will count though !!


Mud, Gravy, rugby and Oscar !

Best Driving School In Bolton


Normally after any form of event I am quite quick at getting a blog post online for maximum impact and to stay current. However last Saturday we were involved in something quite special, to the extent it has taken a few days to digest how the day went.

A few of you may remember an auction we did on behalf of the Hoyles centre in Bury just before Christmas, one of the prizes was a sponsorship package at Sedgely Tigers RUFC. A prize I was personally delighted to win, as we had something special planned for it.

Anyway we chose the Tigers home game against Chester which took place in a mud bath last weekend (March 10th), in all honesty the  match, the result, the weather didn’t really matter. As you will know we support the Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour charity ( http://www.joshwilson.org.uk/ ) whenever we can and had asked them to find us a family who would like to be our guests on the day……. And that’s where the magic happened.

We are treated to the company of 4-year-old Oscar who suffers from Leukemia and his mum Leann.  It really was remarkable to see such a young brave young boy, carrying on as if it was just another day. To say Oscar took over the day is a slight under exaggeration as Lynette (Mrs GDT) became his chaperone for the day leaving mum to have a bit of a well deserved rest. Me, I just let the two youngsters (Oscar and Mrs GDT) enjoy their day together, which I am sure the photographs will tell you, they had a ball.

Before the game we were treated by the fantastic Sedgley Tigers team to a fantastic meal where Oscar was adamant he was having chicken nuggets (not on the menu), but can you guess what he got ? After which he was shown how to unofficially drink gravy (straight from the boat), not too sure mum was watching at the time, but I am sure when he try’s it at home, we will find out and be in a bit of trouble.

After our guest of honour had taken over the table, conducted the raffle (which we didn’t win, even though Oscar gave his mums ticket a lucky dip in the gravy :>) ) It was playtime for Mrs GDT and Oscar, which included numerous selfies, a couple of facetime calls, we had to use facetime as Oscar didn’t actually want to stand with his mum and myself, preferring the company of Mrs GDT. I’m not too sure how much of the game they watched but it really did not matter, when you see the end of match photo with a rugby team caked in mud with the two bright gleaming SuperJosh hoodies of Oscar and Mrs GDT you will know why.

For this one day we had a sneak preview into the works of The SuperJosh charity, and what they must do on a daily basis for children with serious illnesses etc, proving what an awesome decision it is to support them when we can.

Will we do it again ? We have more involvement throughout the year planned, so just watch this space.

Finally I must give a massive thankyou to :-

Sedgley Tigers RUFC http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/sedgleyparktigers

Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity http://www.joshwilson.org.uk/

Oscar and Leann for giving us a fantastic day.

#FAKENEWS Insurance cancelled for snow

boltonOnce again we see the popular social media sites spreading some serious #fakenews. Now this isn’t being done deliberately, but simply by some people believing everything they read and treating social media sites like official news.

Which current story are we talking about ?

“Your Insurance is invalid if you drive in an area with a red zone weather warning”



There are so many reasons that this would be impossible to enforce, eg

What happens of you are already out on the roads and a red zone is declared ? Do you just get out of your car and walk ?

That doesn’t mean that you carry on as normal when it snows as there are certain criteria that you can be prosecuted when driving in the snow, here’s a few of the most popular.

  • You must clear your vehicle of any ice and snow. It may seem a load of hassle to clear your roof of snow, however when the car warms up, it starts to melt and come loose, and when you brake, it can then slide down the windscreen and block your view of the road ahead. Imagine that happening on the motorway ?
  • All of your lights must be visible THIS INCLUDES THE LIGHT OVER YOUR NUMBER PLATE.
  • Your number plate must be visible to the front and rear. (This could invalidate your insurance if it is stolen or in an accident)
  • Careless or dangerous driving.


driving instructor

WE WANT YOU ? Are you looking for a change of career ?



For more info on this #fakenews click here for the Mirrors story

Driving lessons bolton, driving lessons bury

Learners to join the Motorway in June.

Driving lessons bolton, driving lessons buryWell its been mooted around for almost a year now, with the government saying learner drivers will be allowed on Motorways in 2018. Finally they have given a date for this too happen and I can officially say from Monday 4th June 2018 that learner drivers will be allowed on the Motorway network of Great Britain.

Now before everybody loses the plot and starts shouting “carnage” “what a stupid idea” and other statements which undoubtedly will have some expletives in, is it really as bad an idea as allowing anybody to drive on a Motorway from the second they have passed their test without any further training ?

When we say learners are allowed on the Motorway it doesn’t actually mean any learner driver, of any standard, sat with any driver (or worse on their own) There are some strict restrictions on learning on a Motorway :-

  1. Must be accompanied by a fully qualified driving instructor, so please ensure anyone giving you motorway training has a green badge in the window. Trainee driving instructors ARE NOT ALLOWED to give motorway lessons. (Trainee instructors have a pink badge in the window)

  2. The car used for the training MUST HAVE DUAL CONTROLS.


Always remember a learner driver, is exactly what it says on the tin LEARNING !! So maybe with your expertise in driving you can show excellent forward planning and either overtake them or stay well behind. Remember they are only doing what the instructor has asked them too.

If a learner was to overtake you, please don’t take this as embarrassing or angrily, you will undoubtedly doing a speed you are comfortable with, the learner is just being shown how to use the motorway network and make the best progress through this network.

Personal quote from Graham (Get Driving Today)

“Motorway driving is an essential skill that should be taught and taught well, in Bolton and Bury we have one of the busiest motorway networks in the country, so I can assure you that everybody that starts lessons with us will be introduced to motorway driving as soon as we feel they are at a standard to cope with its speeds, and varying traffic conditions.”

Read the full press release from the DVSA

WE WANT YOU ? Are you looking for a change of career ?



HIGH ANXIETY ? Knit 1 Pearl 1 Passed first time

Bury DRiving School High Anxiety SpecialistsIn this latest blog post we are putting our money where our mouth is, on the home page of our website we state we are HIGH ANXIETY specialists, and I honestly believe we are. The bulk of our customers have a higher than the normal rate of anxiety, or to put it simpler, are more than just nervous about learning to drive, because let’s be honest most people are nervous when they start learning a new skill, especially one as dangerous as driving can be if you get it wrong.

So I thought I would share a quick few tips on how those with that higher level of anxiety can realise that passing the driving test is not unrealistic and is highly achievable.

FACT 1 .

Understanding the anxiety is a massive factor in gaining the confidence in driving. Eg Once you actually realise what that anxiety is then we will give you various coping strategies to help ease any or all those anxieties. Did you see what we did there? We didn’t tell you, it will be alright, or even say there’s nothing to be anxious about? That’s because it’s not our anxiety its yours! So I will repeat, we will give you coping strategies to help deal with the anxiety!!!


It is highly likely it will take you a little longer to learn to drive, that does not mean you can’t pass the driving test, it means what it says, it may take a little longer and yes I wont hide from it, that will make it a little more expensive as well. However if this is understood before you start then once again you should have no problems being capable of passing the driving test and gaining your independence.

Bury driving school Get Driving Today tells learners to put fingers in ears


Avoid at all costs these comments .

“You will never pass”

“Why is it taking you so long, it only took me a few lessons”

Only listen to positive people ! This is so important, You have to avoid them or put your fingers in your ears and tell them to go “knit one, pearl one” (You’ll have to read to the end of this blog to understand that comment”) 

Listening to these people and believing what they say is like giving up. REMEMBER this is your journey, and it will be as short or as long as it will be, as long as we focus on the goal (driving licence) at the finish line then I promise we will get there together.


I recently had a young lady with seriously high anxiety, not just in driving but in other parts of life. She was taking quite a while to learn to drive and was being pressurised by her partner as to the cost and length of time it was taking. So we had to find a fix for this……… This young lady was a fantastic knitter (I know bare with me) , so I asked her to challenge her partner, that he couldn’t knit an easy pattern small jumper for their baby to be before she passed her driving test. knittings’ easy, right ? Not for this guy, and she passed her driving test well before the first sleeve was completed.

Moral of the story – Not everybody finds everything easy, everybody has their own skill set, and learning speeds. This lady, unlike her partner never gave up PASSED FIRST TIME. 

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Britney Spears, Balloons and a nice shiny certificate.

We won ! We Won ! It might only have been a balloon, but we did actually win something.

In the words of Britney Spears ……. “oops we’ve done it again” …well almost!…

But yes, its official for the third year running, yes three years in a row we have come home with one of the top three awards at the Made in Bury Business Awards receiving the “COMMENDED” award in the “Best in Class – Motoring” category.

The Motoring category is open to not just driving schools, but any business with a Motoring angle eg Car Sales, Car Repairs, Chauffer’s, Taxi Companies, Mini Buses etc. There is also no limit to the size of business, for example two of the previous winners have been RRG-Group and Cartime. Other winners on the night in various categories this year were Milliken, AFG Law, Lavender Hotel Group, so for a driving school as small as we are it is a fantastic achievement to be rubbing shoulders with the big players in town.

Why do I think three years is a good thing, when we haven’t actually ever won the damned thing?…….

Let me tell you more ………..

Firstly the winners of the last three years in the Motoring category have failed to appear in the final three in each subsequent year. Why I don’t know maybe resting on their laurels, or happy to have and won and moved on.  What I do know is, here at Get Driving Today we have showed consistency in the delivery of our driving lessons and business practices to be happy to enter the awards knowing we have a fantastic chance of winning something if not the ultimate winners trophy e.g. for the last three years coming home with two COMMENDED and one HIGHLY COMMENDED award on each occasion.

To be part of the evening and mixing with some of the big business players in Bury is always a highlight of our year even if I don’t show it on the night (I’m sure some reading this will know what I mean).


As I didnt get chance to mention anyone in the winners speach….I must give a special mention to all the guys at The Best of Bury (Kathryn, Cheryl, Debi and Phil)  without who’s continued support and guidance, we probably wouldn’t even be entering never mind winning.

Will it be four years in a row in 2018 ? Who knows, Thanks for reading

Graham (Owner Get Driving Today)



Bury Driving School Get Driving Today price for 10 hours

Call yourself a driving instructor !

bolton driving schoolYes I do actually  …………..But thats just some of the polite comments lots of driving instructors are getting now, due to one of the major changes to the new driving test.

Welcome to our latest post in our mini series of blogs aimed at the new driving test which is coming into operation on the 4th Decemeber.
Have you spotted a number of driving school cars doing things that look a little odd ?  Or maybe thought ““what are you teaching that for ? That’s wrong and dangerous  ” 
Well you’ve probably seen a driving instructor covering one of the new sections of the new driving test.


In their ultimate wisdom the DVSA, the guys who create, monitor and conduct the driving test, have decided its time to add pulling over on the right hand side of the road to the driving test.

50-50 split

Now this  pulling over on the right hand side of the road has divided driving instructors across the country as to should it be in the driving test ? is actually safe to carry it out etc ?
I can’t actually say I am against it, although I’m not too sure why it has to be so added to the driving test.
Let me just clarify for you what is actually required for the driving test.
  • The examiner will ask the pupil to find somewhere “safe” to pull over on the right.
  • They will then be asked to reverse back 2-3 car lengths.
  • Once the reversing I completed they will be asked to drive away safely and join the traffic.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhPxvbcGH3s[/embedyt]

Why this is now one of the new reversing manoeuvres is anyone’s guess, but it’s what the DVSA have added so we have to ensure that the manoeuvres is carried out to their exact specifications.
So can I ask that when you see a driving school car parked on the wrong side of the road, reversing, and then driving away, please, please don’t think that the instructor is doing anything wrong, they are just making sure that the learner driver is able to complete the task safely and in accordance with what is expected of them on their driving test.


Tare a look at some of our fantastic packages, which come with 10% off our standard in-car hourly rate.
Bury Driving School Get Driving Today price for 10 hours
Edenfield Bypass now covered on independent driving on Bury driving tests

70 MPH Driving Tests coming to Bury

Edenfield Bypass now covered on independent driving on Bury driving tests

Edenfield Bypass

As you will undoubtedly be aware one of the biggest changes ever is coming to the driving test on December 4th this year. We have gone into detail recently on some of the changes, please feel free to look at some of our other posts.

One of the more interesting changes has to be the use of the Satellite Navigation System (Sat/Nav), with this undoubtedly will come a whole new set of official driving test routes. In a direct quote from the DVSA at a recent conference

we don’t want learner drivers just “pootling” around local estates and side, roads”

Here at Get Driving Today we couldn’t agree more. However using the word pootling was a little derogatory to learners, as they have to start somewhere before we send them flying at faster speeds. I am sure if you ask many a learner driver they find it harder on the housing estates than they do on some faster roads.

Anyway I digress, we are now fully aware that the new driving test routes taken in Bury will now include the possibility of driving at 70mph along the Edenfield bypass which has a National Speed limit stretch of 70mph, with other varying speed limits, now that’s far better than “pootling” around housing estates.

Where possible we have always tried to include this stretch of road in our lessons beforehand, as it allows us to cover as near to motorway driving as possible without actually going on an actual motorway so there is nothing really going to change in how we teach this style of driving.

Driving on this type of road is far different than driving and “pootling” around estates and town centres, so it is imperative that you get some form of practice on faster roads before driving your driving test.

Until next time – Drive Safe


Are you thinking of buying driving lessons for someone ? Click the image below for our most popular offer.

Bury Driving School Get Driving Today price for 10 hours


Learning to Drive in Bury Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper

[clickToTweet tweet=”FACT : Learning to drive has just got a whole lot cheaper, read this blog post to find out how and why #mustread” quote=”Learning to Drive Just Got a Whole Lot Cheaper” theme=”style1″]

Yes you read that correctly learning to drive is about to get cheaper and become a whole lot quicker process.

bury driving instructor

 Why I here you say,

Well it’s all to do with the new driving test that comes into operation on the 4th December and the changes that are about to take place.


If you are already a full licence holder and lucky enough to have already passed your driving test, think back what manoeuvres did you have to practice to infinity with your driving instructor. How often did you lose the will to live reversing around corners just in case it came up on your driving test, because let’s be realistic who does it to that standard afterwards? Definitely not me.

Well the good news is from the 4th of December you will no longer be asked to carry out a pointless manoeuvre that just doesn’t happen in 21st Century driving and rest assured we won’t be teaching it any more (We will make sure you can turn the car around safely in any given situation, but different from what the current test asks).

So, it’s actually true !!! learning to drive and getting your driving licence is going to get cheaper, because you won’t be wasting any time on lessons trying to reverse around a corner. I think a rough estimate would be that 4-5 lessons can be wasted just to practice the left corner reverse and with that I am being conservative.

At Get Driving Today we don’t like you wasting any money so be assured you will only be practicing things will benefit your driving and not just something that might happen on your driving test.

If you or someone you know is thinking of learning to drive in 2018, who maybe has put off learning to drive because of cost or its too complicated, send them this article ( just click one of the sharing buttons below) and tell them to get in touch 01204 265055.

Keep your eye out for the second article in this small series of blog posts detailing how it’s now easier and cheaper when learning to drive.

Drive Safely (Graham Owner Get Driving Today)


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