Careless Driving Just Got Serious

Middle lane hogger

Middle lane hogger

On Friday August 16th there are a number of new driving laws that will come into effect that will undoubtedly cause much confusion and debate.

New powers have been given to the police to allow them to give on the spot fines for offences that have up to now had to go through the magistrates courts etc.

Much has been said about “middle lane hogging” on the motorway, and quite rightly too as this quite simply is lazy driving. If you are not overtaking or about to overtake another vehicle then you should be moving over to the left hand lane. However these new laws take in far more than just this one offence.

The legislation also covers those caught doing handbrake turns, wheel spins, forcing their way into an orderly queue of traffic, ignoring a ‘lane closed’ sign and getting into the wrong lane at a roundabout.’

However, in cases where there is no victim, they will be offered the opportunity to take a ‘driver awareness course’, costing roughly £100.

If they take this option they will avoid points on their licence plus an increase in the cost of their insurance premium.

Read below for a more detailed list of the new offences and their punishments !

Endorsable (includes points) fixed penalty notices rising from £60 to £100 include:

  • Using a mobile phone while driving
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Motorway offences, eg reversing on the motorway and driving on the hard shoulder, hogging the middle lane.
  • Neglect of traffic directions, eg jumping a red light
  • Neglect of pedestrian rights, eg stopping on a controlled crossing
  • Load offences, eg causing danger of injury to the number of passengers due to an unsecure load or articles in your vehicle.
  • Motorcycle offences, eg carrying more than one passenger.
  • In situations where the owner of a vehicle fails to identify the driver when an offence was committed, the fine will rise from £120 to £200 and points will be imposed. Where someone is caught driving without insurance, they will be fined £300, and increase from the current level of £200.


Non endorseable (no points) fixed penalty notices rising from £60 to £100 include:

  • Failure to wear a seat belt
  • Using a vehicle without a test certificate.

 Non-endorsable (no points) fixed penalty notices increasing from £30 to £50 include:

  • Neglect traffic regulations, eg as failing to give way
  • Negligent use of motor vehicle, eg not being in full control
  • Vehicle registration and excise licence offences, eg failing to display a tax disc
  • Motorway offences, eg stopping on the hard shoulder
  • Vehicle in defective condition, eg dirty and obstructed windows
  • Neglect of pedestrian rights, eg driving elsewhere than the road
  • Lighting offences, eg misuse of head lamps
  • Noise offences, eg sounding the horn at night
  • Carrying too much weight on board
  • Cycle and motorcycle, including cycling on the footpath and not wearing protective headgear.

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