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Coming Soon to a motorway near you ! – Learner Drivers

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Finally, yes finally the DVSA, “they’re the guys that design, monitor, test and deliver the whole learning to drive thing” are allowing learner drivers in Bolton on Motorways from 2018.

WHAT! People who are learning to drive in Bolton are going on the motorway ?

I can hear the gasps now, “OMG learners on Motorways there’ll be carnage”  or “Whose Stupid idea was that”. Think about it though, how many people do you know who still haven’t been on a motorway or are nervous about using them ? I know quite a few, and that’s outside my professional circle. Surely its a good idea as long it’s not a free for all for anyone with L plates. Let’s also remember we have a brand new Smart Motorway opening up later this year so a little extra training wont go amiss, as I’m sure everybody will have some questions on how it works over the coming weeks. Or why not read one of our older posts WHAT ON EARTH IS A SMART MOTORWAY  “I bet you’ve all forgot what its like to drive at 70mph on the M60″. 

I'm learning to drive in Bolton, how will this affect me ?

Here’s the good news, there are some extra regulations behind this decision.

  • Only fully qualified driving instructors in Bolton can accompany a learner driver on a Motorway
  • The car must be dual control.

So as long as your Bolton driving instructor is a sensible instructor and has fully prepared the learner driver for the motorway there really shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever. At least you won’t get stuck behind one going to slow, you can just use one of the “overtaking lanes”, “did you see what I did there ? I didn’t say middle lane or fast lane ? As I’m sure you all know those lanes don’t really exist”

For the full official story from those DVSA guys click here

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