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Break the speed limit at your peril


Ok – Hands up who has broke the speed limit recently? even if its only by a couple of miles per hour.  Now I am guessing if you drive you have answered the question with either a definite yes or a reluctant yes even if it was accidently.

Well that little accidently could now cost you quite a bit of money and or a hefty fine, points on your licence and possible a driving ban, as from Monday April 24th new laws came into operation changing the penalties for speeding. 

I hope you have now noted that doing over 40 in a 30mph are could see you receive a ban of between 7 and 28 days ? That’s not including the fine that will follow. 

The fining system has also got a little bit more serious especially for the worst offenders who could see them being fined 150% of their weekly income ? So a more means tested fine rather than a standard figure that some would rather just pay and drive a bit faster.

Although their is a standard range the magistrates are also being given the powers to either increase the fine to the higher end or decrease the fine depending on the circumstances surrounding your offence. For example if your offence was compounded by poor driving conditions or previous offences then they can increase the fine to the upper limits detailed above. However the fine could be brought into the lower regions should you be able to prove exceptional circumstances (family emergency) or have a previous exeplary record.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have found this useful.


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