curferscreenshotBlackbox technology !! Now there’s a minefield in today’s driving world. 

Should you have a blackbox fitted to your car to help reduce insurance premiums ? Is one of the top questions we get asked when someone has just passed their driving test. Our simple answer is why not ? We don’t think you want to drive like an idiot, so there really isn’t a good reason not to have one fitted.

So what’s involved with the black box? 

Quite simply the box will monitor your driving if you drive smoothly (like you’ve been taught to) then there shouldn’t be an issue. So what does the box monitor:-

  • Harsh acceleration
  • Hash braking
  • Harsh steering
  • Inappropriate speed

If you avoid all of the above then you driving should be as smooth as the proverbial baby’s bottom.

Still not sure whether to have a box fitted ? Then we have a solution to let you try out the technology.



Make the correct decision and you could save hundreds of ££££££’s,  make the wrong decision and the penalties could cost you hundreds of ££££££’s. To help you make the right decision we have added blackbox technology to one of our cars so you can come and try it our before comitting to having a blackbox fitted to your car.

Try it out

  • 60 minute drive in various road conditions.
  • Explanation and debrief of how you drove the route
  • Help and driving advice as to how to improve your driving (if needed)

Cost £40 

Currently only available in North Manchester and surrounding areas. red-line