Beat the waiting lists for free with GDT


Did you know there is nationally a shortage of driving examiners, this coupled with the number of people waiting to take a practical driving test has taken the waiting time for a practical driving test upwards of 3 months and in some places 4-5 months. Imagine being ready for your test and having to wait for such an extraordinary time to take the test.

The good news is GDT are here to help you jump that queue !. From Monday 21st March all of our multi hour packages will include a FREE account with Driving Test Cancellations 4 All, worth £18. Meaning instead of just booking a test and wasting money on further lessons, we will look for cancellations for you EVERY 20 MINUTES of every day. Whch means you could have a test day in a matter of days or weeks, and NOT MONTHS !

For more details or to book a package call either 07772843239 or 01204 265055 TODAY

Alternatively Fill in the small form below and we will call you back.

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