20 mph zones ? let’s be sensible

20 MPH sign

Like the title says 20 MPH limits have a place but let’s be sensible about them.

No doubt you will have noticed a whole host of new speed limit changes around recently, with lots of roads and whole area’s being reduced to 20 mph.

Opinion is divided greatly on whether or not the change to 20 mph has any real impact on road safety. In many cases the speed has been reduced due to to many drivers exceeding the speed limit with a disregard for the 30 mph speed limit, so I would ask why would these same people now take notice of a 20 mph sign, it all seems a little pointless. Or maybe it’s just me being a little cynical.

If you want to reduce actual speed surely it would be more logical to put in bollards, and chicanes and narrow the road, putting a new sign up, really is a pointless exercise.

Don’t get me wrong I am not against 20 mph zones in area’s where more caution is required, for examples school’s and area’s with a high risk of accidents etc but a blanket restriction just because it’s in a residential area I don’t personally think is a good idea and a waste of money from already cash strapped councils.

20_When_lights_show.jpg20 WHEN LIGHTS FLASH

Have you seen this sign recently ?

Now here’s a good idea, reduce the speed outside schools at the start and end of each school day, now that’s common sense.

If the lights are flashing you should find a crossing patrol (lollipop person) in the immediate vicinity so take care.

Once you have passed the school you will not get a 30 mph sign telling you to speed back up, just ensure you are well clear of the school and carry on on your merry way.


For those living  in Bury take a look at this page telling you the idea behind all the speed limit changes along with a check as to when area’s will be changing http://www.bury.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=11303 

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